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  1. Charles Cowling

    DM, you seem to be saying death would be better, and funerals more meaningful, if we believed in… well, in quite what you don’t say.

    You may be right. But look at it from another angle – for many of us, it’s just not an option to believe something we don’t believe. It sounds like saying Christmas would be so much better if we just believed in Santa.

    Charles Cowling
  2. Charles Cowling
    Death Matters

    Wow, an allusion to another side, to something beyond life! How uncommon…

    If we only had something worth believing in, even an illusion, our discussions about funeral ceremonies, memorials, etc would be fundamentally different.

    As things stand, there is no reason to make any effort – it is all literally for a “no-body”.

    This lack of belief is the secret reason we are all spinning our wheels here, endlessly debating this and that form of disposal, green funerals, costs etc.

    Because we don’t naturally feel like doing anything at all. We die and disappear, absolutely. How CAN we celebrate that? And thus we try to distract ourselves with secondary considerations, like environment, surviving in our off-spring, etc. Poor consolation.

    If we believed there was something more, then we could even celebrate a death – as a going-away party, a going-home, a return. All the things that believers used to celebrate.

    What we lack are not means and methods of dealing with death and dying – we simply lack belief in anything beyond life.

    That simple and that difficult!

    Charles Cowling
  3. Charles Cowling

    I love this site- i saw it sometime back and forgot all about it since- so thanks for sharing, it’s really fascinating isn’t it

    Charles Cowling

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