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  1. Charles

    Maybe this is the real reason no-one really cares about lasting memorials anymore – subconsciously they agree with this prognosis.

    It may or may not be true regarding humanity’s time on earth, but from a metaphysical perspective, it is fundamentally wrong.

    And the metaphysical is the real dimension cemeteries aim at – to be timeless, to transcend time, making past, present and future meaningless.

    Symbolic release from the limits of time – that is the highest purpose a cemetery can have, but we have forgotten all about it.

    Thomas Friese

  2. Charles

    Thomas, you certainly have the technological edge over me, who cannot even find what “source” refers to, let alone anything about memorials and cemeteries.

    Please have as my headstone a laptop with the words, “jonathanincoffin, oops! link broken”.

  3. Charles

    Click source? Even I thought of that, and it gave me gobbledegook. Hype-a-space saw me coming – it knows I’m not one of its clan.

  4. Charles

    Yes, but it just says ‘pop-up blocked’, with some ghastly singing – it’s not that I’m paranoid, it’s just that the world’s against me! (Hyper-gasp hyper-gasp..)… couldn’t they have just written me a letter?

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