Choosing a coffin for someone is probably not something you have ever given much thought to, if any. When it actually comes to it, it can feel surreal. It’s difficult. Take your time.

There’s a huge range of coffins out there. In Britain we have more choice than any other country on earth.

Do you have to buy a coffin from an undertaker?

No you don’t. Undertakers are beginning to realise that a great many people want to buy this last gift for someone who has died themselves, not through a third-party. If your undertaker refuses to accept a coffin bought by you, take your business elsewhere. Any problems, contact us.


You can spend as much as you like on a coffin, from 150 pounds to several thousand.

No one wants to feel like a skinflint and choose something disrespectfully cheap. But here’s a thing: there’s almost no difference in appearance between a bottom-of-the-range veneered MDF ‘oak’ coffin and a solid oak one at five times the price. If you throw good money at a coffin it is highly unlikely that anyone will notice unless it is made from other materials – like bamboo or willow or cardboard.

Ask yourself:

1. What you can afford
2. Which material you think appropriate
3. What you like the look of

Buy with confidence from these sellers

We only list suppliers with an unblemished record of customer service who supply well-made coffins which offer good value for money.

If you are wondering why a supplier you have seen on the internet is not listed here, it is either because we have rejected them or because we do not feel we can endorse them with confidence. Be warned! If they were any good they’d have asked to be listed here. Avoid

  • Greenfield Creations Best known for their cardboard coffins, and possibly the first coffin maker to offer their product direct to the public. Also make excellent picture coffins. Friendly people, utterly reliable.
  • Bellacouche Handcrafted “soft-topped” coffins, the Leafcocoon for burial (pictured below). Made from sustainably sourced, local wood and wool.  Bellacouche also make a range of wool felt shrouds and smaller cocoons.
  • Honest Coffins –  John Connell will make you a good, stout, plain coffin from larch and oak using no nails, no screws, no metal – cremation £495, burial £590. He also makes a simple, no-frills cremation coffin for £465. Beautifully crafted and very distinctive. 
  • Roger Fowle Roger is an accomplished and artistic weaver in willow. He will make you a wicker coffin exactly as you want it — and you can go and help make it with him, if you want. Based in Cambridgeshire. Ring him on 07875 768 843
  • At Cradle to Grave Cath Pratley, based in Dorset, makes beautiful willow coffins (around £500 plus courier) — and also yurts, which you can buy or rent. 
  • Feet First Coffins – Plain pine boxes made mostly with hand tools. No chemicals, formaldehyde-free glue, no metal fasteners – even the beeswax is home-made
  • The Curve Coffin – Uniquely shaped solid wood coffins, hand made and decorated in Kent
  • Caring Coffins Willow, bamboo, seagrass, water hyacinth etc. Good quality, environmentally friendly and Alex, who runs it, is one of the nice guys.
  • Journey To Heaven Children’s coffins made to order and hand-painted. 
  • CompareTheCoffin Promises to match any price, and refund the difference if you find it cheaper anywhere else.
  • Natural Endings 
  • Poppy Coffins Personalised picture coffins at £480 with a free personalised ashes casket. Free delivery within a radius of 50 miles of OL3 5AY. If you’re outside that, come and collect, they’re open all hours and will give you a hand with loading. Personalised ashes caskets £99.00 incl free delivery mainland UK. 
  • Ecoffins (Will sell direct if you are doing a DIY funeral or if your funeral director will not supply the Ecoffin you want.)


PLEASE NOTE: We are not in a commercial relationship with any of these suppliers, nor do we charge them any money to be listed here. They are handpicked by the GFG team. Do let us know what you think of them. 


Read our factsheet and find out much more about coffins here: 

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Meadow Simple

Leafcocoon soft coffin by Bellacouche

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