The Good Funeral Guild


‘Guild’ – the dictionary definition: ‘An association of people for mutual aid or pursuit of a common goal’

Let’s get connected!

For some time now we’ve been thinking about how to join the dots of all the people out there in Funeralworld trying to change things for the better. The answer came in an ‘Eureka’ moment with the idea of setting up The Good Funeral Guild. 

Our Mission

The mission of the Good Funeral Guild is not to reflect change in funerary practices but to be the change. We do this by:

  1. offering the means and opportunity for the exchange of ideas and proposals among Guild members
  2. fostering a spirit of community among people interested in end-of-life matters and funerals
  3. fostering collegial, supportive and collaborative practice among deathworkers
  4. debating both topical and enduring issues around end-of-life matters and funerals
  5. enabling discussion and debate between funeral professionals and the public
  6. commenting on and contributing to the evolution of funerary rites and practices
  7. monitoring and commenting on the funeral industry
  8. nurturing, supporting and encouraging innovative, progressive practice among undertakers and ceremony leaders and launching initiatives to improve the experiential value of funerals for bereaved people
  9. publishing the work of innovative thinkers
  10. raising public awareness of end-of-life and funeral consumer issues
  11. acting as an interface between the funeral industry and the public and promoting better public understanding of deathcare and the commemoration of the dead
  12. making available to the print and broadcast media information which will enable them to create useful, well-informed content
  13. creating a comprehensive information resource for funeral consumers
  14. lobbying HM Government and the funeral industry’s trade associations (NAFD and Saif) in support of the interests of funeral consumers


 Good Funeral Guild Members

A list of all the people who have already joined (with links to their websites) can be found here.


Join Us!

We know that you’re out there. We know that there are many of you. We get e-mails and phone calls daily from people like you who want funerals to be different. Better. More effective at what they are supposed to be for.

Some of you are working in the existing funeral industry. Some of you have created new businesses and are trying a different way of undertaking. Some of you are celebrants or ministers. Some of you are on the sidelines in other roles that funerals brush up against. Some of you are just interested in the whole fascinating world of death. We think that there should be a way of getting all of you together, with all your different viewpoints and voices, a way of uniting the myriad of individuals in one association with a common goal – to improve funerals for everyone.

By joining the Guild you can be part of this. You can be the change that we are all waiting for. You can be part of the groundswell of people working towards a better future where dying people are supported, bereaved people are empowered and all funerals are the unique ceremonies they should be rather than just another job at the crem.

It’s taken us a while to put pen to paper to start listing all the good things that will make you, dear reader, want to be part of our gang, but we’ve done it.

Joining the Guild gives you:

  1. Access to the private, secret Good Funeral Guild Facebook Group for topical discussions, cries for help, howls of fury etc. This is THE Facebook Group to belong to for anyone with a professional or personal interest in making funerals better.
  2. A FREE copy (worth £4.99 if purchased from Amazon!) of Adventures in Funeralworld – the Best of the Good Funeral Guide Blog 2008-16
  3. The option to be listed on a public list of Members of the Good Funeral Guild along with your professional identity and a link to your website.
  4. The opportunity to submit guest blogs for the Good Funeral Guide Blog (subject to the Editor’s approval)
  5. Invitation to attend regional GFG gatherings offering free, generous and confidential exchange of ideas and best practice with fellow Guild members.
  6. Introductions to useful contacts and likeminded people.
  7. The chance to mystery shop for the GFG – your feedback on funeral directors, natural burial grounds, cemeteries and crematoria will help build a picture of what is currently available for bereaved people in the UK.
  8. Support and guidance. Guild HQ — always only a phone call or email away.
  9. The ability to post announcements, offer jobs and request work experience.
  10. A regular Guild newsletter with the latest news from Funeralworld.
  11. Discount on tickets for the annual Ideal Death Show and Good Funeral Awards.
  12. Use of the handsome Member of the Good Funeral Guild logo on your website.
  13. Oh and a shiny lapel pin!!

All for the princely sum of £1.50 a week. You couldn’t get a decent coffee for that. You can set up a weekly, monthly or annual PayPal payment, set up a standing order or we can invoice you annually – whichever suits you better.

In addition, you will be helping ensure that The Good Funeral Guide doesn’t suffer another near death experience for want of funding, and in the process you’ll be helping keep this essential resource available in the public domain for all the people who have yet to realise how much it is needed.

If you would like to join up then it’s easy –  either go straight to the PayPal button and select the way you’d like to pay your subscription, or if you’d prefer a different payment method just e-mail and tell us you want to be a Guild member. We’ll take it from there.

We’re looking forward to meeting you.