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Daniel Ross Funerals

Address: Grace Mary House Funeral Home, Eachelhurst Road, Walmley, Sutton Coldfield B76 1DT

Phone: 0121 313 0054

Funeral Director/s:

Sarah Wolsey Dip FD and her brother Daniel. Sarah never expected to be called to funeral directing but, when her brother and his wife lost their daughter, Millie, she began attending their bereavement counselling group and, through talking to other bereaved families, found that she was able to connect with them. She then sought out voluntary work in the funeral industry and went on to train to be a funeral director with an excellent independent business in the Black Country. She is currently training to be a bereavement support counsellor for a local hospice. Sarah says, “I give Winston’s Wish books to bereaved children. We pay for the publishing of Bereavement Guides for bereaved children and offer them free to whoever needs them, our local hospices, local schools, local hospitals.” Both Sarah and Daniel confess to being workaholics, but when they can tear themselves away from the funeral home, Daniel enjoys ice hockey and Sarah enjoys long walks, socialising, badminton and swimming – and a bit of girlie shopping.

Specific Gravity:

Most people in this area want a formal funeral. Sarah and Daniel are able to meet their expectations in this: they pride themselves on their immaculate turnout and, it has to be said, they have a strong sense of ceremonial style – you rarely see it done as well as they do it here. They are also willing to tone down, if you want, and they will discuss this with you. They say, “Anyone can do whatever they want to do.” They have had family members and children walking in front of the funeral procession (in front of the hearse). It is a rare funeral director who will offer this option, and it is testimony to Daniel and Sarah’s genuineness and sincerity. When they talk about customer choice they really do mean it. Very smart fleet of vehicles plus less showy alternatives. They will discuss this with you. If it’s an estate car you’d prefer, that’s fine. They once took someone on their final journey in a sheep trailer.

What’s important?

Sarah expresses herself with passion when she talks about what’s important to her. “We do this because we know no-one could take more care of a bereaved family, nor could anyone treat the deceased person with any more care or respect than we do.” It’s true, too. The philosophy here is to give everyone as good a funeral as Daniel and Sarah would arrange for a member of their own family.

What’s different?

Daniel and Sarah go to enormous lengths to get it right – “Whatever it takes, however long it takes!” Attention to detail here is second to none. They really do strive. Says Sarah, “I want to be different and better, I rack my brains for ways to improve.” They will give you all the time you need. If you want to come and visit the person who has died after hours, that’s perfectly all right. As Sarah says, “We’re here to be used.” You will make your arrangements with Sarah or Daniel, whose high intelligence and great humanity impress us greatly. Both she and Daniel possess a vocational dedication to their work which is utterly wholehearted. You will never feel as if you’re just another client. On the contrary, you’ll feel as if you are the only one. If you have lost a baby or a child, we especially recommend you consider them. They offer bespoke Orders of Service which “are truly personal and for which we have had amazing feedback.”


  • Your call will be answered by Daniel or Sarah
  • Premises – Well appointed premises at the end of a parade of shops in a residential area. Decor in the spirit of the Victorian building – but lovely and light and bright. Calm and comfy.
  • Home Visits – Yes, they will come to your home to make arrangements
  • Embalming – They do not routinely embalm, but will suggest if they think it advisable.
  • Continuity of Care – Daniel and Sarah will look after you throughout.
  • Family Participation - If you’d like to come in and wash and dress the person who has died then they’ll be there for you, to help you or leave you to it. Will gladly work with those who wish to care for their dead at home: see the Do It All Yourself section of the Good Funeral Guide website.
  • Same Sex person to wash and dress the person who has died? Yes.
  • Ethnic Specialism - Experienced in working with all ethnic communities and faith groups. Special relationship with the Greek Orthodox church.
  • Local Celebrants – Really excellent celebrants on their books – they’ll only work with the best.
  • Parking – On the brick forecourt outside the funeral home. Free.
  • Home arranged funerals - Will gladly work with those who wish to care for their person who has died at home: see the Do It All Yourself section of the Good Funeral Guide website.
  • Web Site – Useful information resource. Very good FAQs.
  • Client Support – They are always there for you. Drop in for a cuppa and a chat anytime.
  • Prices – Very competitive – they’ll match anybody else’s price.


Very good value for money, and you only pay for what you want. In their own words, “We stick to a very simple and basic pricing structure which allows the family to decide how much they want us to do/ how much they want to do”. Sarah adds, “I want to offer our families the very best services, excellent facilities, unrivalled care and personal attention at a competitive price. I want our services to be affordable to those with a tight budget.” In our view, Daniel and Sarah aren’t just very good, they are exceptional – and well worth going out of your way for. You rarely see the standard set as high as this.


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12 comments on “Daniel Ross Funerals

  1. Karen

    Monday 13th March 2017 at 4:43 pm

    Sarah and Danial and all the team helped me to organise the hardest day of my life ,A celebration of life service for my son Curt .They arranged all and everything with lots of unual request and made it a day of love ,a real tribute to a wonderfull son .Nothing was too much ,they must of spent many hours making sure everything was done right making sure that the celebrant that took the service was the right person ( He was wonderful, a true gentle -man in every sense ) they both came out on a snowy morning at 5/30 to collect my boy so it was dignified and discret I’ll never be able to thank them enough .An exceptional service

  2. Monday 13th February 2017 at 10:19 am

    Daniel and Sarah are the most amazing people I have ever met they went out of their away to look after my son Colm who was taken from us aged 26 and thought of everything when preparing for his funeral. The day was fantastic Daniel himself was there at all times he was caring and professional. He went over and above with expectations. It was the worse day of our lives and still is losing our son. We live in Coventry and Daniel visited us and both Sarah and Daniel were always available to talk to us. It was so personal Colm was treated like they would have treat one of their family members I totally could recommend them to everyone

    • Karen

      Sunday 26th March 2017 at 12:31 pm

      Hi Jill , I hope you don’t mind me contacting you both our sons were at the Daniel Ross chapel at the same time ,I know because the imformation was in the Sutton observer there was a third young man there also .I saw your comment on Daniel Ross reviews as today is another hard day ( Mother’s Day ) I just wanted to let you know your not alone I feel a bit empty to be honest and can’t seem to find any peace ,but it’s still early days I hope you don’t mind me contacting you Best Wishes. Karen

  3. Monday 5th December 2016 at 10:04 am

    A truly exceptional Funeral Directors. My husband and I had decided on Direct Cremation and, although this is not quite usual, Daniel and Sarah were prepared to arrange this for us in the best possible way. They made a devastating occurrence more bearable by the care they gave us.

    Also the guidance through practical matters other than funeral arrangements which have to be attended to at a time when you can’t think clearly was excellent, even going as far as arranging an appointment with the registrar for me.

    I highly recommend this firm.

  4. lisa smith

    Tuesday 16th February 2016 at 7:41 am

    Following the loss of my mother in law Margaret i recommended that we contact Daniel Ross funerals. Prior to this a colleague at work told me about the exceptional service she had recieved when she lost her dad. From start to finish Sarah and Daniel were absolutely fantastic their service was so professional, caring and they are truley lovely people. They made Margarets send off so perfect we cannot recommend Sarah and Daniel enough. Your service was absolutely exceptional through and through. Thank you so much for looking after Margaret in the very kind and respectful way that you did.

  5. Lynn Holland

    Sunday 20th December 2015 at 1:56 pm

    My husband passed away on 25th October 2015 and Sarah and Daniel made the loss easier. They were professional but caring to me, my daughter, son, grandchildren and family. They made me feel that Rod was important in death as in life. We cannot thank them enough for the way they looked after him and the family. I highly recommend them to anyone suffering a loss.

  6. Lorna Edwards

    Tuesday 24th March 2015 at 8:31 pm

    I attended a funeral a few months’ ago and was impressed by the professionalism of this company. Unfortunately, I needed a funeral director sooner than anticipated for my father and their name came to mind. The funeral was held today and we were all so impressed and grateful for the way they handled absolutely everything from the first time we met Daniel and Sarah to the end of the service. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

  7. Vanessa Archer

    Friday 5th December 2014 at 12:10 pm

    Sarah and Daniel were highly recommended to us by others who had used them when my Mum died and I’m so glad we took that advice. From start to finish, they handled the process professionally and with expert care and attention to detail. But they were more than professional and highly skilled; nothing was too much trouble, we were never hurried and their warmth and compassion shone through every time we had contact with them. They dealt effortlessly with various members of the family and supported my father particularly well. I also appreciated the very straightforward way they handled the financial side, giving us a clear quotation with a full breakdown of costs and explaining options that were then clearly reflected in the final bill. I can’t imagine we could have found better value and service anywhere else hence making the effort to post this glowing review (not something I normally make time to do) as they deserve it and is the best way I can think of to thank them.

  8. Erol Simpson

    Saturday 17th August 2013 at 1:40 pm

    We recently lost our Aunt at the age of 89. We wanted a Funeral Director who would mirror the gentle care, respect and compassion we had given our Aunt whilst she laid at rest. We absolutely made the right decision to pass our Aunt into Sarah’s & Daniels care. They willing accommodated specific requests, such as holding a service at their chapel of rest the night before interment. They are undeniably two of the nicest people you could hope to meet at this sad time. Their sincerity, friendliness & professionalism were exemplary. Thank you both.

  9. Suzanne Neal

    Monday 14th January 2013 at 4:38 pm

    Sarah and Daniel are truly lovely people. At the most painful time of my life they guided me through all of the necessary arrangements and together we created a very special day for my partner Steve. A day that myself, our family and our friends will never forget.
    I would absolutely and highly recommend Daniel Ross Funerals.

  10. Friday 16th November 2012 at 8:21 pm

    The service we received from Daniel and Sarah was exceptional. They made something so difficult seem so effortless and as a family we felt, so cared for and my dad was treated with such respect and love. Nothing was too much trouble and as a family we would highly recommend Daniel Ross Funerals.

  11. Tuesday 24th May 2011 at 2:32 pm

    Daniel Ross are a fantastic Funeral Directors, caring and professional in every way, highly recommended and truly lovely people.

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