Crematorium — Lithuania

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Were Ms Mollington to favour something more minimal, this crematorium in Lithuania, the country’s first, we understand, and which was built in the teeth of religious opposition, may arrest her attention. 







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  1. Charles

    The opulence of the Thai crematorium or the minimalism of this one in Lithuania? No contest, as my grandson would say. As Mr Mollington knows only too well, I am drawn to the plain and simple. However, some well-padded upholstery on those benches would be a welcome addition.

  2. Charles

    “Well-padded upholstery’. Priceless! Where did Charles find you, Mrs Mollington? You’re such a welcome new voice at GFG, rather like Jennifer Patterson when the BBC made her a cookery show star in her later years.

    I once interviewed minimalist architect John Pawson. When I was shown his empty drawing room, I asked where he sat in comfort and watched TV. He said he lay on his bed with the TV hidden in a cupboard in the bedroom. I wondered why he bothered having a drawing room if he was so minimalist.

    That said, I’m with you about the plain Lithuanian crematorium being Wallpaper-chic in comparison to the gaudiness of Thai temples.

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