Gambaccini’s desert island death discs – Psalm 23

Charles Cowling


Lush, lovely, accessible. Do people associate it too closely with TV’s Vicar of Dibley? We don’t know, we never watched it.

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Melissa Stewart
9 years ago

I’ve sung it on several occasions. You only get to hear a tiny bit of it in the theme tune but the rest is quite good. Particularly the “Yeah though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death” bit. It’s by Howard Goodall who I think also did the Blackadder theme tune.

9 years ago

You never watched it?! Then you have some serious catching up to do! 😀

gloria mundi
9 years ago

Luverley – but in practice, one most often comes upon the tune “Crimond” for The Lord’s My Shepherd,” no?
Personally, I prefer “Brother James’ Air,” hower, mine is not to choose, but to provide!

Keep up the Gambo selections Charles, he was so good!