Your celebrant works for you, not the undertaker. So you can book one direct.

You want a celebrant who shares your values and is demonstrably good.

Evidence of training, together with commitment to best practice and continuing professional development, may also be important to you.

Your celebrant will be your chosen representative at the funeral.

In short, you are looking for ‘my sort of person’.

It’s worth asking around your friends and finding out if any of them has been to a well-run funeral.

Proceed with caution. The market has been flooded with new celebrants in the last few years. Many of them are substandard.

Some celebrants have websites but, because so many of them get all their work from funeral directors, most don’t.

Check out, which lists all funeral celebrants. Search by postcode. Ring around and make a judgement according to what they say about themselves.

Then draw up a shortlist.


Here’s who you’re looking for:

The right celebrant for you won’t necessarily be the right celebrant for someone else. It’s a very personal choice. Here are most of the attributes and qualities you are looking for. Tick those which are most important to you.





membership of a professional body


social class


performance style


When you make contact with a celebrant, find out how busy they are. You don’t want one who spreads him/herself too thin.

If, after you’ve called, you still can’t decide, ask them to give you the phone number of someone whose funeral they have led.

Get a second opinion.