Willow (wicker) coffins vary in quality. Those made in the UK are mostly good.

Those made in Eastern Europe or the Far East may not be.

Beware bargain prices from certain internet sellers! If they’re not approved by us, avoid.

Somerset Willowhave a good range of high quality coffins but will not sell to you direct.

Musgrove Willow,harvested and woven in the Somerset Levels. Will sell to you direct. Go along and help them make it. Price: from £500 including name plaque, lining and delivery.

Earth to Heaven.Imported. Good quality. Will sell to you direct.

Mawdeseley Willow,woven in Lancashire. Will sell to you direct. The Mawdeseley is harvested in Lancashire. They sell two coffins from willow harvested in Poland: the Elysium and the Oval. All good quality.