British funerals are changing and becoming very creative, which explains why we enjoy a bigger choice of coffins than anywhere else in the world.

The classic, wooden, ‘toe-pincher’ coffin is still the most popular, but many people find the new-look generation of coffins made from all sorts of materials – including willow, sea grass, banana leaves, cardboard – much softer and friendlier in appearance.

They really do set the tone of the funeral.

The widest range of eco-coffins available on the market is sold by Ecoffins. They have 37 different types made from all sorts of materials, and it’s worth browsing their  website to get some idea of the range there is out there.

Other firms worth checking out for their range (but they won’t sell to you direct) are  JC Atkinson,  Bradnam Joinery and JC Walwyn and Sons.