You will notice that you can accomplish all the purposes of a funeral ceremony at almost no cost.

Money can’t buy a good funeral. Only emotional honesty can do that. It’s what you do and say that count, not what you spend. Throwing money at a bad funeral will amplify its faults. But money well spent, if you’ve got it, can certainly enhance the experience of a good one.


In addition to Murraymints, candles, incense and flowers, you can spend as much money as you want on:


Multimedia presentation

A slideshow with music. Hugely effective. Requires equipment, and the screen must not be in direct sunlight. Some crematoria now have their own projection equipment, and about time too.



For that haunting, Highland touch.

Type ‘funeral piper’ into your search engine or consult your undertaker


Jazz band and other live musicians

Unless you know them, ask your undertaker to find them.



Release them after the ceremony. They can symbolise the spirit of the person who has died. Source them by asking your funeral director or go to the International White Dove Society. Their website will put you in touch with doves near you.



They serve the same symbolic purpose as doves (or any symbolic purpose you want). They are cheaper and more easily sourced, but there are environmental drawbacks.