Norah Baines died at home from cancer at the age of 76. She had been married to Ron for 54 years. Her death happened faster than expected. Their only daughter, Holly, was working abroad as a nanny.

Ron called the FoB. When they arrived, they saw that the events of the past few days had caught up with him. He was exhausted and hadn’t eaten.


Ron and Norah had always been a close couple.

Their friends in the village were mostly their own age and not very mobile.

Ron and Norah hadn’t felt they had much in common with their, mostly, much younger immediate neighbours.

Always cheery when they were out, they had nevertheless tended to keep themselves to themselves.

But they were known and respected and liked.


In order to tide Ron over the next 24 hours a FoB volunteer came in to help him tidy up and make him a decent meal.

The following day, another volunteer came to drive him to the registrar to register Norah’s death.

Further short term help was found: one volunteer came in for an afternoon and rang everyone in Ron and Norah’s address book to tell them of Norah’s death (Ron couldn’t face endlessly repeating the news).

By the time Holly arrived four days later someone had even popped in to tidy up the garden, which had been neglected during Norah’s illness.


Ron will be supported in the coming weeks and months.

Norah had always done the cooking and washing.

A FoB volunteer is going to give Ron cookery lessons over the next few weeks so that he can learn to make himself basic, nourishing meals.

We hope that Ron is going to be able, slowly but surely, to go on living independently without his Norah.