The person with the right to take possession of the body has the right to do so as soon as death happens. There’s no need to produce any documentation or pick up a medical (cause of death) certificate on the way out, you can get that later. Find out what all your rights are in this area by clicking here.

If someone dies at home you can keep them there. If someone dies in a hospital or a hospice you can bring them home. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If they do, show them this.

You don’t have to hide the body from view but you must not expose it naked in public or in such a way as to outrage public decency, for which you can be prosecuted. You don’t have to take a body anywhere in a coffin. You don’t have to take a body to a funeral in a coffin – ordinary clothes, a shroud, blanket, sheet or other wrapping will suffice. More info here.

You have the right to care for the body of someone who has died at home. To find out what you’ll need to do, go to the Do It All Yourself page of the website. It is wise to think about this in advance. Some consider it to be an extraordinary privilege. For others the process may be too challenging.