The death of Michelle’s husband Steve was traumatic enough (car accident) but when she came in to arrange the funeral she became very panicky about money.

It turned out that Steve had handled the bank account, bills, insurance policies, etc and she simply didn’t know what to do or even where to start.

We fixed her up with our very nice Mr Baines, who used to be headteacher of the local middle school.

He was able to help her out, show her how and offer her a lot of reassurance. For about 6-8 weeks after the funeral he went to see her once or twice a week to make sure she was coping with her daily money management.

She’s fine, now, and even says she would like to help people like her in the same situation.

At all times, a close friend of Michelle was present in order to minimise the risk of Mr Baines making off with her money – not that he ever would! But we believe it’s vital to manage risk in a proactive and perhaps seemingly overactive way rather than expose ourselves to suspicion – you know how people talk.

In any case, Michelle’s friend could often remember things that Mr Baines had told Michelle, which she had forgotten, so it turned out to be more efficient, too.