Some people believe that if you’re going to hold a funeral you have to have the body of the person who has died there with you.

Other people don’t. They believe you can have just as meaningful an occasion without.

When John Lennon was killed, Yoko Ono wanted no focus on his bullet-ridden corpse. She had it cremated unceremoniously, unwitnessed. She held a memorial ceremony instead. “Pray for his soul from wherever you are,” she said. And people did. Presumably this is what John wanted, too. When the playwright Arthur Miller was asked if he’d be going to the funeral of his ex-wife, Marilyn Monroe, he replied, “Why would I go? She won’t be there.”

If you are considering direct cremation your beliefs are going to influence the decision you make — up to a point.

Above all, you should go with what you feel to be right.