What do Friends of the Bereaved do?

Friends of the Bereaved (FoB) is a community volunteering project designed to meet the short- and medium-term practical problems confronting bereaved people in the aftermath of a death if those needs are not presently being met by any other agency.

Any FoB project will be inspired, above all, by this statement: The death of one of us touches all of us.

A FoB will promote community engagement and revive, in a 21st century way, the traditions of former times when communities came together to help their bereaved members.

It is arguable, now that families tend to be scattered, that the need for community engagement with bereavement is greater than it ever has been.

In this way, a FoB promotes community engagement.


What needs does a FoB serve?

Some of the particular needs addressed by a FoB are identified in the Case Studies will be identified as the scheme evolves in any particular locality.


The goal of a FoB

In addressing the needs above a FoB seeks to enable bereaved people to live independently as soon as possible.

In the event of failing to enable a bereaved person to achieve independence, a FoB will step back and refer the bereaved person to other agencies – eg social services or, in the case of complicated grief, appropriate specialist grief counselling.

A FoB will never foster dependency.

It is unlikely that a FoB will address the needs of children because their needs are likely to be emotional, not practical and, therefore, the province of either family members or bereavement experts.