There was an exposé on television in 2012 which showed the inside of a Co-operative Funeralcare hub mortuary. People who saw it were shocked. Two things horrified them in particular. First, they didn’t know this went on – they thought that people who died stayed at the funeral home. Second, they hated the open racking in which dead people were stored. It wasn’t a good look.

It makes perfectly good sense in terms of operational efficiency to have one mortuary serving many branches. All the bigger undertakers do it. So long as people who have died are given the sort of privacy most people expect and looked after with care and gentleness, there’s nothing all that objectionable about a hub mortuary unless you think it a bit impersonal. What goes on in properly run hub mortuary is a million times better than what goes on behind the scenes in some of our smaller grottier undertakers.

If you do not want the person who has died to be taken off to a hub mortuary you’ll need to find an undertaker who will keep them on their premises. There are lots.

And if you’re concerned about how well they will be looked after, ask to see the mortuary. Any good undertaker will be proud to show you round.