Like a lot of men of his generation, Henry’s loss of his wife of 43 years left him without visible means of feeding himself.

In short, Maggie had always done the cooking,

Bert could just about make himself a cup of tea.

Our FoB cooking specialist, Mary Parkin, gave Henry a series of cookery lessons over a period of 12 weeks. She noted the recipes that Henry especially enjoyed, so she put them together into a booklet which she printed off from her computer.

In the course of these lessons, Bert learned to create a shopping list and to buy everything he wanted for the week in one shop.

This was something he also had to learn, and he did so in the company of Brian Webster, who ran him down to Tesco on a Friday afternoon, showed him where things were, showed him how to identify value brands – and resist offers!

Henry says he still misses Maggie’s cooking, especially her baking, but there’s no mistaking his pride in his achievement.

It’s given him a feeling of control which we feel has gone a long way to reducing his acute sense of loss.