Actually, some funeral directors do display their prices online. Good for them. They are the ones likely to offer best value.

Most funeral directors don’t and, of course, this makes it very difficult to shop around from your laptop or tablet. Why don’t they? Because they don’t feel it’s dignified. Something like that. They tend not to approve of those funeral directors who do.

Would you eat in a restaurant that didn’t put its prices in the window? Or go into a clothes shop that didn’t display prices on the garments? Of course you wouldn’t. But the only way to find out how much most funeral directors charge is by sitting down with them and working through what you want. You can see why they do that, can’t you?

It’s the kind of thing that gets funeral directors badly thought of and it’s high time they put the needs and interests of bereaved people first. This lack of transparency over prices is the reason why chain undertakers like Dignity and Co-operative Funeralcare manage to get away with their absurdly high prices – because people simply don’t know any better and assume all funeral directors charge about the same. They don’t!