What will it cost?

There are cost implications of setting up a FoB group.

Will the FoB pay volunteers’ travel expenses?

Will the FoB purchase certain items of equipment or rely on volunteers to use their own?

How will the FoB show its appreciation of its volunteers? How will the FoB raise funds?


Do we need a constitution?

A good idea. Find out more here.

While you’re at it, it’s well worth joining the  NCVO for advice and support.


Start slowly

Any FoB will evolve according to the needs of its service users and the particular nature of its locality in terms of demographics, traditions and culture. The best advice, therefore, is probably to:

Start informally and develop more formal and structured approaches as you go.

Be aware that people tend to get involved gradually, so don’t expect too much, too soon.

Target people you know who are, or who are likely to be, interested.

Make involvement as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Offer incentives.