A cardboard coffin ought to be the cheapest you can get, you might think, but actually the manufacturing cost of cardboard makes the price pretty much what you would pay for a ‘veneered’ coffin made from MDF.

People who go for cardboard are really making a lifestyle – or deathstyle – statement.

It is the last word in simplicity. Some may reckon it an outrageous choice, either in a good or a bad way.

White or brown cardboard is good for decoration. You can paint it, draw on it, write messages on it.

You can get the children to decorate their Nan’s cardboard coffin – but beware: children like to use lots of red and this can give a misleading impression.

Most funeral directors now stock cardboard coffins but a great many, hating them, will cast doubt on their load-bearing capability and even their ability to withstand rain.

This is nonsense, so dig your heels in. Some undertakers are able, if you want, to put a cardboard coffin inside a re-usable coffin (called coffin cover) just for the funeral. An alternative is to drape the coffin with fabric of some sort – a pall. Beware cheap imports!

See what a cardboard coffin looks like at: Greenfield coffins.Up to 100% biodegradable cardboard made from 70 per cent post- consumer waste.

Any design of your choice. Will sell to you direct: range starts at £81. Can carry 23 stone.

Cardboard coffin from Greenfield


Picture coffins

Cardboard or wood decorated with any scene or picture you like.

www.greenfieldcreations.co.uk. Will sell direct to the public.

www.colourfulcoffins.com.The same service as Greenfield. Will not sell direct.

Picture coffin from Greenfield Creations