There is no entitlement to statutory bereavement leave in England, Wales or Scotland.

A bereaved person has no legal right to take time off after a bereavement beyond time off to make funeral arrangements and time off to attend the funeral. More detail here. In the words of Acas: “Employees cannot expect to be granted leave automatically. When leave isn’t granted, they may have to use their holiday allowance.”

Employment Rights Act 1966 57A:

An employee is entitled to be permitted by his employer to take a reasonable amount of time off during the employee’s working hours in order to take action which is necessary … (c) in consequence of the death of a dependant. 

A dependant is classed as a spouse or civil partner, a child, a parent, a person who lives in the same household as the employee, otherwise than by reason of being his employee, tenant, lodger or boarder.

Some workplaces will have an entitlement to bereavement leave written into their contracts of employment. If not, time off, if any, is awarded at the discretion of the employer.