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Start a community funeral service

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Contemporary attitudes and customs surrounding death and dying are the product of a complex mix of influences and practices, religious, cultural, historical and medical. The outcome is that, as a society, we have an emotionally unsound relationship with old age, death and bereavement.


Things are getting better – slowly. But we need to press on and we need to be innovative.


The community funerals initiative is a response to this need.


A Community Funeral Service (CFS) is a community-owned enterprise: a formally constituted not-for profit co-operative funeral service which, in a spirit of common purpose, deploys volunteers and professionals as its members see fit in support of three objectives: commercial, social and environmental.


It is run democratically by and for its members. All members are equal.


A CFS reclaims the care of the dead and the support of the bereaved from the for-profit sector, but in doing so it does not take inspiration from the past. A CFS is a progressive agent of social change in response to, in particular, the challenges posed by longevity; the needs of the bereaved; and evolving trends in the expression of grief and the commemoration of the dead.


Are you interested in the idea of a funeral service that is developed and supported from within a community by members of that community? Then visit the community funerals website, which is here.