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Full Circle Funerals

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114 Otley Road, Guiseley LS20 8LZ, United Kingdom
114 Otley Road Guiseley England LS20 8LZ GB

Sarah Jones and David Billington. Although, as their website says, Sarah and Dave are personal, professional and compassionate people first and funeral directors second.

Full Circle Funerals is quite unlike any other funeral director business in the area. This is immediately apparent to anyone driving past their newly opened premises in Guiseley – it looks more like a classy interior design showroom than a funeral director premises, with large windows, warm and natural decor and a fresh, modern feel to it. Their website is similarly bright and attractive in design and the whole look of the company reflects the intelligent and thoughtful approach that this new business is bringing to a traditionally staid and somber service.

Sarah and Dave are supported by a small, close-knit team (Jade, Julia and Adrian), and together they have created a completely different type of funeral business serving families of Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate and Skipton and the surrounding areas. There are no assumptions here, nor acceptance of what ‘should’ be done when it comes to a funeral; the people at Full Circle Funerals are totally flexible and committed to giving clients as much support and involvement as each family wants or needs. They are really keen to show families the range of ideas, suggestions, products and styles that are available to help each client make the decisions that are right for them.

Completely transparent in pricing, with an online estimator to help you work out what the final costs might be depending on your choices, the philosophy at Full Circle is simple. Clear information, guidance where you need it and as much emotional or practical support as you want. You can expect to be treated like an intelligent adult, and Sarah and Dave will listen closely to what you need from them without making any suppositions. They start with a blank canvas each time, and don’t have any expectations about what is ‘the norm’, or what might be right for any client or their family. They believe strongly that genuine engagement in funeral planning supports a more positive grieving process and they have the communication skills and confidence to support people to achieve this.

Sarah and Dave met when they were both working with adults with learning difficulties. Sarah had trained and worked as a doctor before moving into adult social care, and Dave had previously lived and worked in America supporting underprivileged children to access outdoor youth programmes. Their wide experience of the world is evident in their determination to breathe fresh life into the way that we deal with the subject of death, something so often hidden away behind the blinds of a traditional funeral director’s premises, or cloaked in the processional ‘otherness’ of a passing funeral cortege.

Sarah in particular is passionate about re-designing the dialogue our society has about dying and death. She believes ardently that we would all benefit from speaking more openly about it, and her decision to move into providing an undertaking service was very much motivated by a desire to offer families the time, choices and support to create meaningful funerals.

Away from work, Sarah is a mother to two children, and she loves walking, running and cycling with her husband and family. She loves baking and cooking and making things, and clearly has a creative eye – the attractive décor of Full Circle Funerals’ premises has Sarah’s stamp all over it. “I love a bit of duck egg blue,” she says.

Dave spent some time working alongside another funeral director locally and is also a trained civil celebrant. He and his fiancée enjoy exploring the local countryside with their golden Labrador, Wilson, who is also part of the Full Circle Funerals team.

Both Dave and Sarah have a great deal of experience of working with people from their previous occupations, and bring many skills to this new venture, including managing difficult communication and public speaking abilities.

Specific Gravity

A contemporary, intelligent and very normal approach to helping families with organising a funeral. You can have a fully traditional black funeral if you want, they have all the kit, including the hats, but there’s a Full Circle uniform of duck-egg blue polo shirts and mid grey jumpers if you prefer that. Or they will attend in smart casual clothing if you’d rather. You tell them what look suits you.

What's Important?

Empowering you to decide how best to commemorate an important life. Transparency, guidance where needed and provision of information to help you find exactly what you need to craft the type of funeral that you want.

Environmental issues are also important, and the vehicles offered for funerals are both electric. The eco hearse and accompanying family car are an example of how Full Circle are trying to demonstrate the range of funeral options available now.

What's Different?

A bright, light and airy environment with a fresh contemporary feel. Normal, ordinary people who are motivated by a desire to help families achieve the funeral that best suits them. Transparent pricing and a completely modern approach.

  • Your first call will be answered by Sarah Jones, David Billington or Jade Westgarth (office manager).
  • Home visits – yes of course, or at a place of your choosing if you like. is routinely offered.
  • Same sex person to wash and dress? Yes, just ask.
  • Embalming They do not personally feel that it is necessary but if a family is genuinely fully informed (including about the level of intervention required) then it is something that they are willing to arrange.
  • Ethnic specialism Full Circle Funeral staff have the knowledge and skills to support any cultural, religious or spiritual needs or wishes.
  • Home arranged funerals – positively encouraged, supporting families arranging funerals themselves is considered a privilege.
  • Local celebrants – They have links with a range of local celebrants, independents, civil celebrants, Humanists, pagans and others in the area. David is also a trained civil celebrant and would be happy to help families. When meeting a celebrant Dave or Sarah will accompany you to ensure that your ideas and principles are not unintentionally overlooked.
  • Website – really nice website with clear navigation and an online price estimator. The website complements the fundamental ethos and values of the company.
  • Client support – excellent. Clients who need additional support will be signposted to appropriate groups or counsellors. Details of bereavement support organisations are included in the information pack.
  • Money matters – clear, open pricing detailed on the website. Two simple options are also available, Simple Ceremony and Simple Cremation. Excellent value for money.
  • Parking – Ample parking outside the premises.

The Full Circle way of doing things is the future of funeral directing. All of the trappings and grandeur of the old patriarchal style of funeral directing have been dispensed with, replaced by stylish comfort, openness and a quality that is immediately apparent.

Their premises are gorgeous, and your dead person will be impeccably cared for if you choose to use Full Circle as their custodians until the funeral. The simple kindness and humanity that has motivated Sarah and Dave to open their business is embedded in the values of this company, and Yorkshire people now have one of the best new progressive undertakers in the country at their service.


Any decisions you take on engaging the services of a funeral director should be based on your views and research. You should not rely solely upon the views and opinions offered by us.


After the initial meeting with David, I knew exactly what I wanted for my husband. The staff’s friendliness and sympathy were excellent.  I definitely did not want an impersonal Chapel of Rest. The room provided by Full Circle was excellent. I can not recommend Full Circle enough to anyone who needs a funeral service provider. Their understanding, help and consideration are unsurpassed. Thank-you to all the team for making a very hard time for me easier to handle. They looked after me (and my husband) as though we were their own.

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My aunt had already used Full Circle to help with her husband David’s funeral. The service provided was so good she organised her own funeral in advance so my Mother and I being next of kin had very little to do but we still had a meeting to go over everything and choose flowers and discuss a few other details which was made very simple and easy by David and his team. From our first meeting with David and Ruth we felt cared for and supported. Communication was excellent all the way through and I don’t think I could find a problem with any part of the process. The manner was professional, friendly and calm which suited my family perfectly. The Full Circle building is nice from the outside and very welcoming inside, the two rooms we saw were light and stylish with nice furnishings, all enhanced with tea and biscuits! I have just noticed that Full Circle cover the Harrogate area so I will be arranging my own funeral with them 50 years from now!  I would also highly recommend Full Circle to others. I believe my Mother has recently organised her own funeral with Full Circle.

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After the initial meeting with David, I knew exactly what I wanted for my husband. The staff’s friendliness and sympathy were excellent. I definitely did not want an impersonal Chapel of Rest. The room provided by Full Circle was excellent. I can not recommend Full Circle enough to anyone who needs a funeral service provider. Their understanding, help and consideration are unsurpassed. Thank-you to all the team for making a very hard time for me easier to handle. They looked after me (and my husband) as though we were their own.

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The initial meeting was very helpful in covering all bases and the options were presented in an objective way without trying to push us towards any particular choice. Staff support has been excellent throughout, with just the right amount of help and prompting at the right times. It’s hard to function in such circumstances and tasks that you would normally rattle off no problem become difficult. I found that Full Circle were able to give just the right amount of contact to ensure that everything got done in good time, but without being overwhelmed. The Full Circle premises are very pleasant – clean, fresh, modern and above all welcoming and calming. The cars were excellent, and the drivers were very helpful.

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We had thoughts about what we wanted. We very much appreciated Ruth’s help and experience in shaping those ideas. In the end we all felt that we had achieved services which we felt were fitting. Ruth was always very attentive in listening to what we wanted. We especially appreciated the way she took on all aspects of the organisation. We appreciated her efficiency in the organisation of both services. She ensured, unobtrusively, that the services ran smoothly.


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I thought that the arrangement meeting was very useful in helping us to decide all the details of the funeral in a satisfactory and appropriate manner, from suggestions of the type of casket to the use of an electric car as a hearse. My sister would have been very pleased with this choice. I found the atmosphere generated just right – friendly, helpful and personal. I appreciated being able to communicate any further issues by email. I found suggestions of the choice of crematorium and hotel venue afterwards very helpful and the presence of Full Circle at the crematorium reassuring. I really liked the atmosphere that Full Circle generated which was very appropriate for a humanist funeral.


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Thank you so very much for helping to make my mum’s funeral perfect for her. It was easy to get everything arranged in a way that she would have loved. The basket, autumnal garden foliage and berries, and the music was so right, and gave us powerful comfort on such a sad day. Thank you for putting together the exceptional service, and letting the family be so involved in seeing her off. Our friends and family all agreed it was a remarkable funeral, and I feel you helped me give her the goodbye she deserved.

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Sarah visited me at home and we worked through what I had to decide when my husband passed away. It was a relaxed and comfortable conversation. Not easy for me as I had to work through a heart-breaking situation. Sarah was easy to talk to and that helped me to decide on all the necessary details involved. I soon met with the rest of the team, Ruth and David and again, they were a great help to me, providing back-up. It was as if we had known each other longer and I was at ease with them. I needed the funeral to be right and it was just perfect. I was supported with words of comfort and even hugs when I needed it. They were all down to earth and I felt we could speak on the same level. I chose to have David speak on our behalf at the funeral as celebrant. It was perfect – his kind, understanding manner and his willingness to take on board all the details we wanted including in this sad yet special time. I changed the details many times and he always accommodated my wishes. He also gave excellent advice. I loved the modern décor and its peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. Some places are old fashioned and out of date. This was modern and bright yet peaceful and a relaxed atmosphere. It happens to be one mile from where I live so convenient also. What more can I say. I asked many questions – you answered them all. I changed many details and you made those details work. You were all kind, gentle and loving when I needed it most and you still are, weeks after the funeral. The price of the funeral was not expensive and I expected that with all the extra details you took on for me, that it would have been more. So, Sarah, Ruth and David a big heartfelt thank-you from me and my family for the beautiful way you helped us say goodbye to my dearest Peter.


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Outstanding service

Full Circle recently arranged my Dad’s funeral and they were brilliant to work with. Ruth and the rest of the team were compassionate, attentive and resourceful and it’s thanks to them that we were able to give Dad the bespoke and personal send off he deserved. I can’t recommend them highly enough, you won’t be disappointed.

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I know I didn’t meet you personally today but i just wanted to thank you and the lady I saw for the lovely experience this morning. The place is done out lovely and really makes you feel comfortable and welcomed its bright and homely not what you imagine a funeral director to be like. The lady that dealt with me was so kind and made me feel relaxed and even sat down to have a chat with me. She mentioned that not many people know you also deal with pet cremations you should definitely advertise that side of things more too as I am so happy with my experience I couldn’t have asked for better customer service and friendliness at such a hard time in people’s lives.

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