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Andrew Smith Funeral Services

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Park Green House, 82 Sunderland Street, Macclesfield Cheshire SK11 6HN
66-68 Sunderland Street Macclesfield England SK11 6HN GB

Andrew Smith. Found himself drawn to be a funeral director when he was a young man, but a period of work experience with an uncaring funeral director put him off and he went to work in insurance. His dream did not die, however. It grew in strength as did his resolve to become the very best a funeral director can be. Five years ago he and his wife, who was born locally, sold up their home in the south-east and relocated to Macclesfield. They bought their beautiful Georgian Grade 2 listed premises in the town centre and restored them superbly, winning a Civic Award. This really is one of the best appointed funeral homes in the country and not a bit spooky — more like a country house. But don’t let that put you off. There’s nothing in the least snobby about Andrew and his team; they’re very nice people. Prices here are very competitive with other local funeral homes, and almost certainly not so expensive.

Specific Gravity

If it’s a traditional funeral you want, no one does it better. Andrew and his team understand what a funeral procession is all about. Their turnout is superb in every possible respect and, even more important, they carry it off with strong seriousness, a sense of occasion and absolute sincerity. All of these people are absolutely genuine. Every single funeral receives the same attention, whatever your budget. And if you feel you’d rather have something less formal, they will gladly adapt to your way of thinking. They want the very best for you. Andrew’s fleet is Daimlers, and they all match exactly. If there are better polished cars to be found anywhere in Britain, we’d be amazed. They can also offer you a beautiful and superbly maintained 1936 vintage Rolls Royce which you can see here.

What's Important?

Meticulous attention to detail goes hand in hand with careful listening, the full exploration of your options, lots of good, sensitive suggestions and no sense of haste. Andrew and his team take things at your pace. They won’t try to up-sell you. If you haven’t a lot of money to spend, that’s absolutely fine. You’ll get the same level of service as a millionaire. We have inspected Andrew’s mortuary and we have spoken to the people who work in it. It is our belief that they care for the dead here with the very greatest respect.

What's Different?

This funeral home is a class act, it really is — we’ve never seen anything quite like it. It doesn’t feel like a funeral home — in a good way — and the people who work here will seem to you to be much more like you and the people you know than the staff at most funeral homes. There is a very good reason for this: Andrew will not employ anyone who has previously been employed in the funeral industry. He likes to take people on and train them from scratch according to his own high standards. For this reason, there’s a freshness and sincerity and wholeheartedness here that make all the difference. Everyone is very normal and down-to-earth, and they love what they do.

  • Your call will be answered by Andrew, Richard, Jane or Wendy (see their pics on their website). Whoever sees you first will be there for you throughout. Yes to a home visit. Yes to you coming in and laying out and dressing the person who has died. Andrew is very keen on embalming because, he reckons, it gives you a much better experience when you visit the person who has died. He will discuss this with you and, of course, if you don’t want it, that’s perfectly all right. Andrew has made a commitment to environmentally friendly funerals (he is a member of the Association of Green Funeral Directors) and he will gladly work with those who wish to care for their dead at home: see the DIY section of his website. Direct cremation £2100 all-in – here. He has a same-sex funeral director to lay out the person who has died if you wish. Two of the many outstanding features of this funeral home are, first, that there is a dedicated room in which you can conduct the funeral and have all the time you need, and there is a reception room where you can offer refreshments to mourners after the funeral. Both of these options are very popular. There is also plenty of space for mourners to gather before the funeral, especially those who have come a long way, and have a hot drink. Plenty of on-street parking very close to the funeral home.

Superb service, a lovely funeral home, wonderful staff and very good value. This is a funeral home for everyone and, in our view, is as good as it gets.


Any decisions you take on engaging the services of a funeral director should be based on your views and research. You should not rely solely upon the views and opinions offered by us.

Reviews from the old GFG website
Kath Gibbs

Tuesday 8th November 2016 at 4:41 pm

We recently used this undertaker for my late mother. It’s always hard to make a snap decision who to use when faced with a situation in which none of us hope to be. People spoke well of the company prior to us contacting them, however we went in blind. They were nothing short of absolutely professional with a very caring side too. Having previously used a National firm of undertakers for my late mother in law, the contrast could not have been greater, but the price similar. They were courteous, respectful and caring, their attention to detail could not have been better. They followed any requests by the family which were different to their normal procedures. Thanks to Richard and his team.

Roger and Jackie

Sunday 10th August 2014 at 9:17 am

Our Mum passed away on the 19th July 2014. We were recommended Andrew Smith Funeral Services by the Care Home where Mum spent the last years of her life. As the Care Home had provided such excellent care for Mum we had little hesitation in taking up their recommendation.

Andrew Smith Funeral Services were outstanding. From our very first contact and until well after the funeral, their service was first class. Andrew Smith Funeral Services were not only reliable and efficient, very important elements around one of the key events we will experience in life; it was also the respect, genuine sincerity and kindest sensitivity from beginning to end. It was also the helpful advice given personally by Andrew to any enquires; this was so supportive during such a difficult time.

The service was flawlessly arranged and we concur with other reviews how our service was conducted great dignity.

What we feel made Andrew Smith Funeral Services so outstanding were the small but well thought out details along the journey. Unobtrusive courtesy phone calls that were supportive at just the right time, the small but thoughtful remembrance gifts and the way our visit to see Mum at rest are just some of these examples.

Andrew Smith Funeral Services also have very tasteful premises where we were well catered for after the funeral ceremony.

We would highly recommend Andrew Smith Funeral Services.

Claire Harrison

Tuesday 17th June 2014 at 2:35 pm

My mother died on the 2nd June 2014 in a local care home and I immediately knew that I wanted Andrew to arrange her funeral as he had organised my mother in law and also my father in laws funeral over the last few years. Andrew not only met my expectations but exceeded them and gave my mother exactly the funeral that I knew she would have wanted on Monday the 16th June. Andrew and his team managed everything superbly ensuring that I was receiving the support I needed whilst advising me of what needed to happen, he organised everything including the flowers, service sheets etc so that I was left with very little to do at a time when I was at my most vunerable. The day ran without a hitch and included a piper – my mum was a Scot and I really wanted to recognise this in her service and an amazing vintage Rolls Royce – my mum would have been so happy to know that her final journey was in this superb vehicle. Andrew ensured that the funeral party were aware of where we should be and treated everybody with the utmost respect and sincerity. It is also the little touches that make a bit difference, the flowers and personal condolences from Andrew and his team along with appropriate keepsakes of the day. In short I cannot praise him and his team enough for the support and care during this very sad time.

Mr mrs king

Tuesday 10th June 2014 at 12:19 pm

Our son Shaun Phillips died on the 17th May we held his funeral on the 9th June,we contacted Andrew smith funeral directors, he and his team were very professional right down to every detail, they took all our worries away. If anyone is reading this and your in the same sad situation as we were, I recommend Andrew smith and his team.

Mr mrs king

Wednesday 11th June 2014 at 2:57 pm

As my husband said I deeply thank Andrew Smith and all of his staff for making the last and very sad final journey for my beloved son Shaun Absolutely Fabulous with such care and detail WE where just blown away by the compassion and apathy right down to every little detail and for that I again thank you for my Son xxxxx

Estelle Mather

Thursday 22nd May 2014 at 8:58 pm

I lost my husband on 30th April, he died peacefully at home, following a three year battle with cancer. Never having had to organise a funeral before I didn’t have a clue where to start. A friend recommended Andrew Smith and all my concerns were taken away.

When I was ready for my husband to be taken from the house I rang Janet and she told me who would be coming and when they arrived about 20 mins later they were impeccably dressed and very sympathetic – treating my husband with great dignity. After they had taken my husband I went back upstairs to see that they had not only opened the window, but also made the bed. I was deeply touched by this and it saved me the trauma of seeing the empty bed with indentations where my husband had been lying – I am so grateful for that.

From then on Andrew Smith were invaluable. I needn’t had worried about a thing because they did everything and they did it with compassion and with dignity.

My 24 year old daughter decided that she wanted to visit her dad and to put some photos in his coffin. When she arrived, rather than just letting her go straight in, she was shown a photo of the room so she knew what to expect. She later told me that this helped her greatly.

The funeral itself was flawless and everything was explained to us prior to leaving the house. How Andrew Smith remembered all our names, I will never know – but it means such a lot to me to know that they really do care about their clients.

Their contact did not end at the funeral. I received a phone call the following day to see how myself and the children were. A few days later I received some bookmarks with a picture of my husband on them and a poem on the back along with some wildflower seeds to plant in memory of my husband. This is not a company that takes your money and then forgets about you.

Thank you Andrew Smith for looking after my husband so well and for treating him with great dignity and for looking after me and my family too. If only all organisations could be as professional, it would be a much easier world in which to live.

Estelle Mather

Mr. & Mrs. Ashton

Wednesday 9th April 2014 at 10:21 am

Having lost my Mother – we asked the hospital and a friend at church if they could recommend a Funeral Director. Strangely, they both recommended the same Funeral Director – Andrew Smith!

From the initial phone call to our last contact after the funeral, everything was done in the most totally considerate and efficient manner you could wish for.

At our first meeting, all our questions and requests were dealt with kindness and sensitivity, in a very hospitable atmosphere. This resulted in a well planned event and excellent Order of Service, due to their great attention to detail.

The day we visited the Chapel of Rest, we were again treated to lovely hospitality as they created a relaxed atmosphere for us all to say our Goodbyes to Mum, in a caring and Christian way.

After the initial planning, we were offered the use of a new Hearse that Andrew had just acquired – a 1936 vintage Rolls Royce in immaculate condition – talk about going out in style!, with dignity.

On the day Andrew and his staff provided a thoroughly professional service – everything ran so smoothly – creating an excellent send-off for Mum.

In addition there were some personal touches that just went that extra mile.

Highly recommended.

Nick Powell

Tuesday 1st April 2014 at 5:31 pm

I used Andrew Smith after reading comments on the Good Funeral Directors website. This was for a simple cremation at Macclesfield crematorium. I am delighted with the service provided, at every stage of the process: choice of minister, provision of flowers, handling the donations, etc., etc. Everything was handled efficiently, quickly and and combined dignity with friendliness. I also thought the cost was reasonable.

Altogether, I would heartily recommend this firm.

Kay Cohen

Thursday 20th March 2014 at 12:09 pm

As a family we have had the misfortune to need the services of a funeral director three time in the last eighteen months.My Grandfather, my husband and then more recently my step Father. Each time we have used Andrew Smith Funeral Services.

From the first meeting we felt we were in the hands of true professionals, every aspect of the funeral is planned and executed to perfection.

One of the funerals could have been particularly difficult as there was an estranged member of the family involved

With Andrews advice and guidance, I’m sure it wasn’t the first time he had encountered this, the day went like clockwork

We cant praise and thank Andrew, Richard and the rest of their staff enough

Kerry Keeling (granddaughter of the late Elizebeth Hassall )

Tuesday 18th March 2014 at 10:55 am

We had my Nan’s funeral on Friday 14th March. From start to finish we found Richard especially but the whole team at Andrew Smiths funeral directors very caring & attentive. My nan looked absolutely beautiful when we saw her in the chapel. Thank you to the person who made her look the way she did we as a family were very happy after we left. As Andrew is quite new to this business maybe at this point isn’t as popular as some that have been around for a while but I would defiantly recommend Andrew Smith to help you through this very difficult time if you have lost a loved one. Thank you to you all for everything you all did.

Margaret McFarlane

Saturday 1st March 2014 at 3:15 pm

This was the third funeral Andrew had arranged for my family and it was like coming back to see a friend, as allways Andrew and his team where kind and considerate but there was also the knowledge that he had met my father and understood what he would have wanted and as with my mother helped me to yet again have a simple family led funeral they had both wanted but also showing them the reverence they had both diserved, nothing was a problem for him from finding a Union Jack to my phoneing the day before the funeral and adding a car so many thanks from the Mcfarlane, Goessen and Shea familys

Andy Bell

Tuesday 11th February 2014 at 6:18 pm

The service provided my Andrew and his team was impeccable. The approach was professional, caring and informative. The whole experience was hugely enhanced due to Andrew’s expertise and guidance. He provided me and my family with much to think about in terms of how to get the most out of the experience and the many personalised touches were very much appreciated. The setting was lovely to (fantastic building) and I would have no hesitation in fully recommending this first class service to others.

paula lewsey

Wednesday 5th February 2014 at 11:49 am

when my dad passed away on 20th January 2014 my brother and myself had to arrange my dads funeral we looked at 2 of the bigger organisations to get as much information on the cost etc I felt as though this was a tick box exercise and one told us to look around at other funeral directors, we had booked in to see Andrew smith , Andrew spent 2 hours with us listening and going through everything with us and this is how it continued throughout our experience with Andrew he has the thoughtful touches , he made us feel we was the only ones that mattered and my dad, his organisation skills made the funeral a lot easier for my brother and myself and all the little touches helped, he his thoughtful and respects your wishes, and he made our day of the funeral when he told us dads headstone was in place this was a lovely touch, his attention to detail is beyond words he made the whole experience easier under our circumstances.

. everyone on the day said how lovely the day went, this was helped by Andrew and all his team. and after the funeral Andrew gave us some flowers which was a lovely touch also Andrew phoned us the next day to see how we was all doing.

there is no hesitation we would recommend Andrew smith funeral services to everyone.

A BIG THANK YOU to Andrew and all his team.

David Mercer

Friday 17th January 2014 at 9:51 am

As with most families, the prospect of organising a funeral was both daunting and emotionally exhausting. We can never thank Andrew and his team enough for making the whole process, from start to finish,stress free and straightforward. The day itself was one that the whole family cherished and took great comfort from.

Every detail was considered and Andrew listened, gave a variety of options as well as sound advice. Unfortunately, my wife and I have been on the receiving end of ‘package’ funerals when other family members passed away.In all cases these were delivered by, so called, ‘reputable’ companies who are household names. Mum’s funeral was far from this; it was tailor made to contain all the individual and personal touches to make the event unique.

The team at Andrew Smith’s thought of everything and we were constantly amazed by their acts of kindness and thoughtfulness. Touches such as phoning on the morning of the funeral to check we were all fine and sending us flowers after the event are but two examples.

It was obviously an emotional day but it has become, for all the family, a day to remember and to look back on as the perfect tribute and celebration of mum’s life. We thank you Andrew so much.

Frances Turner

Tuesday 7th January 2014 at 8:49 pm

My mother died in November and Andrew Smith Funeral Services were recommended by a family friend. I would have no hesitation in recommending them as the service they provided was seamless and made a very difficult time much easier to cope with. The whole family were made to feel as if Mum’s funeral was the most important event in the world and totally personal to ours and her needs. Richard was absolutely brilliant and made the whole event feel very special from all the build up to and the service itself. He was very attentive, but added a touch of humour much needed in this situation. All the people involved including the florist, the Humanist Celebrant, ushers, drivers and staff at the Park Green site were very professional and incredibly helpful and thorough and I would like to thank all of them for making the service run smoothly.

Clair Close

Wednesday 20th November 2013 at 3:00 pm

I have just used Andrew Smith Funeral Directors for the second time in two years. Having had such an excellent service when it came to organising my father’s arrangements with Andrew in 2011,I had no hesitation in asking him to take charge of proceedings again this month following my mother’s death. Both funerals were logistically difficult as my parents both died in Cheshire but it was my wish to return to our family home in Kent for their final journeys. Both funerals were wonderful events and everything I could have asked for as a last gift to my parents….professional with an attention to detail, caring with helpful suggestions along the way to make the day special and an ability to make every single customer feel very special too.

I have had experience of using a “National” group funeral service in the past to arrange the funeral of my husband… me ,there is no comparison between the two services offered, and I would recommend Andrew Smith Funeral Services and his wonderful team to everyone.

Margaret Beavers

Saturday 5th October 2013 at 3:08 pm

I cannot find words to express my gratitude to Andrew and his team for the compassion, guidance and support we received following the sudden and totally unexpected death of my husband.

From our very first meeting with Andrew I knew we had chosen the best person to care for my husband and treat him with the respect he so deserved.

This was very important to us, having in the recent past lost a relative and sadly witnessed the efforts of a major ‘chain’ operator.

Our heartfelt thanks to Andrew and his colleagues.

Deborah Burgess

Friday 4th October 2013 at 7:59 pm

I have used the services of Andrew and his team twice, first following the loss of my grandaughter who was born sleeping in 2010. The support my daughter and our family received at this extremely distressing time was amazing and i truly believe andrew’s sensitive and compassionate advice contributed to the way we grieved and susequently recovered. We have more recently used the service again following the sudden loss of my mum. As others have said i felt we were in safe hands from the minute we walked through the door and more to the point felt relieved that my mum was being cared for by such caring and compassionate people while we waited for the funeral in an environment she would have loved. The service was yesterday and i know it was exactly what she would have wanted. It can never be anything but distressing to lose somebody you love but Andrew, Richard and the team make it more bearable

Shirley S

Wednesday 21st August 2013 at 2:05 pm

Andrew Smith provided an excellent service for us.By taking the time he guided us through to exactly the simple dignified service we were wanting for our mother.There were lots of little thoughtful touches and he was very dignified and attentive. This is a difficult time for anyone, but I would not hesitate to recommend Andrew and his colleagues to support you and provide you with the service you require.


Friday 9th August 2013 at 2:19 pm

Upon the sad departure of my father, William McGahan, on 4th July 2013, I was in turmoil when it came to choosing a Funeral Director.

Andrew Smith Funeral Directors were recommended to me by a close friend whom had entrusted Andrew with the arrangements for her own mothers funeral. Both myself and my mother were so distraught at our loss that our only concern was the care of my father and that his funeral was personal and appropriate.

We were full of uncertainty due to the emotion of our bereavement, but Andrew Smith guided us, advised us, and was so considerate towards our feelings, that he made the entire process as painless as possible. He accommodated all our wishes, was accessible whenever we had a query or needed support and explained the entire process at every stage – this gave us the reassurance we needed that my father would have the funeral we wished for him.

On the day of my fathers funeral, all Andrews staff were professional, supportive of our grief and extremely respectful. The funeral was flawless in every way, just how we wanted it and so many people commented on how wonderful the entire proceedings had been carried out.

I have never recommended anyone – but because Andrew Smith and his staff were so compassionate and their expertise was evident from our initial meeting, to the final day – I would not hesitate to recommended his services to anyone.

Moira Loake

Tuesday 23rd July 2013 at 8:37 pm

I am not sure where to start in praising Andrew Smith Funeral Services for our Mums funeral. From the moment we walked into the building we felt safe and secure and knew we had made the right decision. Richard was amazing – the respect and courtesy he showed us and Mum went far beyond anything we expected. All through the process there were little touches and words of kindness that were so thoughtful and meant so much to us.

Richard recommended a Scottish piper who was amazing – we knew Richard would not have recommended him if he wasn’t going to be the best ! and he was !!

The respect and reverence Richard and the team showed Mum on the day will stay with me forever. You will always remember your Mums funeral however I shall remember this with a smile and the certain knowledge that it could not have been handled any better. The formalities would have been the same but the sincerity, caring and respectfulness that Richard and his team showed Mum and us went far beyond them just doing their job. It is obvious from the first meeting that to them it is a vocation.

So thank you Richard and your team – I hope this goes some way to saying how much your kindness meant to us

Peter Jackson

Tuesday 23rd July 2013 at 5:37 pm

For my Dad’s funeral we dealt with Richard at Andrew Smith funeral directors. We found him to be immensely helpful in guiding us through the process and options available. We chose to have a humanist service which many people had not been to before. The response was brilliant. Richard personally recommended Shirley George to take the service. She was lovely, warm and engaging. We found Richard to be extremely caring, courteous and respectful. Every aspect of the funeral was carefully considered. He remembered our daughters name and greeted her warmly on the day of the funeral. We are so grateful to him for enabling us to arrange such a beautiful and unique service. We were recommended to Andrew Smith by a friend and we would recommend their services to anyone requiring them.

Richard Emery

Thursday 18th July 2013 at 3:42 pm

For the second time in four years, my wife and I have used Andrew Smith Funeral Services in Macclesfield. We dealt with Andrew himself. We were once again delighted and reassured by Andrew’s attentiveness, understanding and professionalism. In particular, we didn’t want a traditional religious service in a church. Andrew guided us to a semi-religious service held on his premises with a minister leading but no formal prayers and no hymns. At the graveside, the words were more traditional but not strongly so. It worked exactly as we had hoped with Andrew and his team showing just the right qualities to match the occasion. We were very grateful for the help that he gave.


Friday 5th July 2013 at 10:03 pm

On behalf of the family, I would like to thank Andrew (and his team) for the amazing practical and emotional support during this difficult time: every step in the process was explained in a straightforward but compassionate manner; suggestions were offered alongside the family’s principal requirements, together with totally unbiased discussion to reach the right decision; all third parties were carefully chosen and expertly coordinated ‘behind the scenes’, with great speed and great efficiency; and the day itself was delivered with a skilful combination of understated elegance and military precision.

The funeral was a wonderful tribute for the family, and an uplifting experience for their friends and colleagues: many have proclaimed the funeral as ‘the best’ they have ever attended; some have requested more copies of the order of service, as a personal keepsake; and one or two have even made discrete enquiries about the beautiful Pandanus casket.

The organisation was outstanding, the delivery was impeccable, and the customer service was friendly and constant but always dignified and unobtrusive: in short, the whole process and the end result surpassed the family’s hopes and expectations in every respect. Other families should feel NO doubt or hesitation in placing all the funeral arrangements for their nearest and dearest, in Andrew’s most capable hands.


Tuesday 1st February 2011 at 6:20 pm

I worked along with Andrew Smith FDs and he and his team’s care, compassion, and professionaism stood out to me.

He even gave the wife a bunch of flowers matching the main tribute on our arrival.

Many other FDs should learn from this excellent firm.

Jo Papadimitriou

Tuesday 7th September 2010 at 2:59 pm

My husband died very young in April of this year after a long battle with Cancer. Andrew Smith was my Funeral Director and I cannot praise him enough. He was kind, compassionate and very, very professional. Andrew’s gift is his ability to listen and his willingness to please. Nothing was too much trouble. We wanted to give my husband a grand but dignified send off and that’s exactly what he got. It was beautiful. Andrew was brilliant with my children too, helping them to cope with their sadness. In all, the respect that Andrew showed made us feel very proud of our loved one.

Richard Whalley

Tuesday 24th August 2010 at 8:43 pm

When my girlfriend Laura died at an early age I wanted to do the best I could for her. After our initial conversation with Andrew our minds were made up. He was very professional in how he dealt with us even before we had committed to his company and provided a lot of input into the arrangements which really made it the send off she deserved. On the day, the respect Andrew and his staff showed to Laura really made a difference on such a difficult occasion. Even the little details such as walking in front of the hearse, the solemnity of his staff and their precision as a team made it feel as if they knew Laura and were doing it for her. Andrew handled a lot of the paperwork and worked extremely hard to give us the service we wanted and this is very much appreciated. I can’t recommend Andrew and his team enough.


Monday 16th August 2010 at 4:20 pm

An account of a funeral arranged with Andrew Smith was posted by a client on his blog. It is a heartwarming account in its own right, and it also displays Andrew’s rare capacity for entering into a collaborative relationship with his clients. Read the account by clicking this link or pasting it into your browser:

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