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Accreditation: Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you to be recommending funeral directors?
We have accumulated heaps of knowledge about the funeral industry, and have broad experience of other industries. We care about funerals and know a good funeral director when we see one.

Will you tell me the exact criteria before we decide to apply to be accredited?
You can see a condensed list of our criteria here 

And the cost?
This depends on the size of your business. As an example, for a single funeral home the cost of gaining GFG accreditation is currently £550 plus travel costs for the accreditor.

Do I get my money back if I don’t pass your accreditation?
No –  most of the cost of accreditation pays for our time to visit and assess you. Of course, we will tell you where you fell short of our criteria and you can use this to improve your business.

I’d be interested if I could pay by monthly subscription
Sorry, but that would add to the cost by involving us in extra admin expense plus the risk of the debt. In any case, we reckon GFG accreditation is a headline expense worth paying for in full at the point of delivery.

Do I have to pay the same amount every year?

No, once you have been accredited you will only need to pay £100 a year for the next two years (for a business with a single branch) to cover our administration costs. So for a single funeral home the cost of becoming a GFG recommended funeral director averages out at £250 p.a. over three years.

Do you come back at all then?
Absolutely. All businesses change over time so if you wish to retain your ‘Recommended By’ status after three years we will re-visit you, spend 3-4 hours with you and update your review on the strength. It is vital that we can look consumers in the eye and tell them that we have been to see you recently.

But I can be endorsed by another organisation at a fraction of the cost!
Yes, but credible endorsement, I’m sure we agree, can only come from people who know what they are talking about from on-the-ground experience. A few ticks in the box is not enough for us. We think bereaved people deserve more than assurances based on self certification.

I have only been trading for a short time. I simply can’t afford it.
If you balance cost against benefit, you will find the money.

What if I disagree with your findings?
We are always happy to discuss our findings – we recognise that we might have got something wrong, or misunderstood you.

Do you publish information about failed accreditation?
Certainly not – we respect your confidentiality and always prefer to promote and celebrate good practice.

Can my business have an “exclusive” in my area?
No – that wouldn’t be fair to consumers. But if you apply early then you’ll steal a march on your competitors. And if you’re the only good funeral director in the area you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Your customer feedback facility is going to leave me exposed to defamatory reviews.
We always monitor feedback meticulously before it is published on the website. When we receive negative feedback – and we do – we investigate, resolve or refute. Misunderstandings happen. Mischief-makers are sent empty away. No such feedback is ever posted.

I’d like to get accredited, but not by the Good Funeral Guide. Where can I go?
You can seek accreditation from any number of bodies. Our research informs us that, for a typical standalone funeral home, the starting price would be in the region of £2,500.

I need to talk this over with someone. Who can I contact?

Ring Fran or email her.
Phone: 07866 596234