The ash-scattering radio-controlled helicopter

Charles 4 Comments

We love this new way of scattering ashes and we think you will, too. Flight begins at 1 min 30 secs. Website here.


  1. Charles

    This is a great idea! Scattering ashes from a real helicopter can be done safely but there are hazards that may it very challenging to say the least such as damage to the helicopter – particularly the air intake where one scattering resulted in the trashing of the engine and nearly a crash!

    I think this approach could catch on. Not sure what some local authorities would make of it or people who may get “dusted” , particularly if a strong wind picks up suddenly!

  2. Charles

    John even in the ‘controlled’ environment of a remembrance garden with an awareness of wind direction to strewn ashes can result in people getting a dusting. Recently had a grand child running around ‘catching’ grandad when the ashes billowed across the lawns. For all the meticulous planning there will always be the risk of something untoward happening – the biggest challenge is how to respond!

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