A touch of class

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Andrew Smith Funeral Services in Cheshire typifies the sort of superb funeral home that we at the GFG like to get behind. We like to put bereaved people in touch with the best, and that’s exactly what Andrew and his team are. We published some feedback we received about them recently.

Andrew sets incredibly high standards. He’s one of the few funeral directors we’ve met who truly understands ceremonial, which of course is all about creating a sense of occasion, not just putting on a show.

Andrew is extremely proud of his cars and runs a fleet of handsome Daimlers. We suffer from car-blindness at the GFG. But we do buy into ceremonial because this is what a lot of people want.

Andrew recently added the 1936 Rolls Royce pictured above to his stable. We love the quality of understated stateliness.

Andrew’s Rolls, immaculate in every particular, is available for hire by other funeral directors. If you’re interested, have a look at the website.


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andrew plume
andrew plume
9 years ago

lovely stuff Charles

…..err but will it take one of those thumping American style caskets?



David Holmes
9 years ago

A class act indeed, what a beautiful motor car. Perfect I think for an unhurried funeral.