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A client review, just in, of GFG-recommended funeral director Andrew Smith:

I lost my husband on 30th April, he died peacefully at home, following a three year battle with cancer. Never having had to organise a funeral before I didn’t have a clue where to start.  A friend recommended Andrew Smith and all my concerns were taken away.

When I was ready for my husband to be taken from the house I rang Janet and she told me who would be coming and when they arrived about 20 mins later they were impeccably dressed and very sympathetic – treating my husband with great dignity.  After they had taken my husband I went back upstairs  to see that they had not only opened the window, but also made the bed.  I was deeply touched by this and it saved me the trauma of seeing the empty bed with indentations  where my husband had been lying – I am so grateful for that.

From then on Andrew Smith were invaluable.  I needn’t had worried about a thing because they did everything and they did it with compassion and with dignity.

My 24 year old daughter decided that she wanted to visit her dad and to put some photos in his coffin.  When she arrived,  rather than just letting her go straight in, she was shown a photo of the room so she knew what to expect.  She later told me that this helped her greatly.

The funeral itself was flawless and everything was explained to us prior to leaving the house.  How Andrew Smith remembered all our names, I will never know – but it means such a lot to me to know that they really do care about their clients.

Their contact did not end at the funeral.  I received a phone call the following day to see how myself and the children were.  A few days later I received some bookmarks with a picture of my husband on them and a poem on the back along with some wildflower seeds to plant in memory of my husband.  This is not a company that takes your money and then forgets about you.

Thank you Andrew Smith for looking after my husband so well and for treating him with great dignity and for looking after me and my family too.  If only all organisations could be as professional, it would be a much easier world in which to live.

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Colin Fisher
9 years ago

Well done Andrew and Janet.
The photo of the Chapel is a great idea, one I am going to start using.
Keep up the great work


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