The incalculable value of heritage

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james showers
10 years ago

Wonderfully crafted – every detail. Love it. Thank you.
Surely this is gfg’s special art and was not found dormant somewhere on line?

Andrew Hickson (Kingfisher Funerals)

I saw this somewhere else a few weeks ago, and wished I’d thought of it. It is very nickable. Must admit I thought it was your original, James?

David Holmes
10 years ago

Brilliant! Could you make it available for us funeral directors to top and tail with our name in the next Yellow Pages? LOL.

It’s very funny – the perfect parody of every Ad for a funeral firm you will ever see.

The ‘third/fourth/fifth/seventh generation’ thing in Ads is (presumably) meant to convey trust, dependability, experience. To me it also says ‘our family have been trapped in the same old routine for years, we’re all bored rigid (just like our corpses) but thankfully quite well off – thanks to your lack of imagination.’

Melissa Stewart
10 years ago

It was a collaborative effort between James, myself and Dan. That’s the way we do everything here but Ooooo we had fun with that 🙂 Lots more on our blog here

10 years ago

Brilliant!! I love the ‘fleet’ description!

10 years ago