Tom Quixote

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Tom Quixote from Matthew Hayes on Vimeo.



Family funeral director Tom Crean has spent the last 30 years tilting at windmills. Tom Quixote tells the story of his struggle against the corporate takeover of the North American funeral industry, during which he has had a run-in with Hollywood, saved a cemetery and beaten the conglomerates at their own game.

WINNER – Best Film (Jury Selection) – 2013 Annapolis Valley Short Film Festival
WINNER – Best Screenplay – 2013 Annapolis Valley Short Film Festival

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james showers
8 years ago

Imagine SCT conglomerate trying to trademark ‘family funeral care’ ?
Good on yer, Tom Crean, you beat this in Canada AND the US.
A great fillum, and great lyrics to the closing song: a rare moment of sympathy for the undertaker!
Best of all, a great campaigner. Thank you.