The Pebblewood Coffin

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Davina Kemble, the artist who designed the coffin, is very grateful for the feedback you gave her, as a result of which she will be making alterations to her design. The website for Pebblewood Coffins is here.

One of the locations used here is Church Ope Cove on the beautiful Isle of Portland.


  1. Charles

    It’s very comfy.
    It shouldn’t matter whether I’m lying flat or my back or whether I’m lying on my side – I’ll be dead. But it does. And I would like to be on my side – or even better curled up on my side.

    1. Charles

      Thank you for your comments Kitty, that is exactly what I realised when I started the research for the making of my own final resting place. As you so rightly say it shouldn’t matter but it does. I know I have gained peace of mind since designing and making my Pebble, knowing I will be laid to rest in a restful position – one that is somehow more protective of my mortal remains – it’s as simple as that.

  2. Charles

    Davina, I like the idea of living with a coffin as a coffee table (coffin table) or storage trunk before the day arrives for its ultimate purpose. And a most aesthetically pleasing coffee table it would be, too.
    In the Catholic Church the coffin is carried in feet first, symbolic of the fact that in life, the deceased faced the altar. If one is carried in on one’s side in a semi-foetal position, could this symbolise snoozing through mass?
    I like your pebble and would hope a priest would dismiss the above possible objection as a rule too far!

    1. Charles

      I like to think any celebrant would embrace the idea of someone leaving this mortal coil in the very same position we came to it! As the DJ on BBC radio Wiltshire said in her summary “It is like being buried in a work of Art” – That said why not enjoy it a little first ? ! Thanks for your feedback Richard

  3. Charles

    If you have a look to our site, you willo understand how much Eric and I are interested with your work: you are an artist going to coffin making, while he is a coffin maker going to art… Would be great if we could be in touch 🙂

  4. Charles

    A beautifully crafted work of art, to describe it in 1 word…….. stunning
    I am also with Richard here, I like the idea of a coffee table coffin, like the flat back bookcase, another item that is designed for more than 1 use, Davina you have created a masterpiece.

  5. Charles

    Beautiful and fascinating. You mention hidden carrying handles. What about a clasp to keep it closed and a lock? And is it flat on the bottom so it sits stably? Thanks.

    1. Charles

      Susan – hopefully Davina will reply properly but I did ‘have a go’ and curl up in the pebble and it is completely stable. The lid is extremely secure and I can’t imagine it simply slipping off. However, with funerals anything can and does happen. My main concern is how to carry it.

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