Caring for the dead

Charles 2 Comments

Making Dead Bodies Beautiful from The Feed on Vimeo.


Moderately graphic only. Respectful and, for people who do not work in the funerals business, reassuring. 

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Poppy Mardall
10 years ago

Lovely lady. Eloquent, thoughtful, caring. Everything you’d want. Still don’t love the stitch through the mouth though. Not sure that fits in with your usual Friday night make up routine.

G M Taylor
10 years ago
Reply to  Poppy Mardall

Hi Poppy, After watching this I must agree with your remarks, the Lady is gifted, im sure any FD would be very happy to have her on the pay roll, a credit to the profession, as for the stitch comments yes its seen here but in good taste, I have viewed your new website, well done its brilliant, credit were credit is due.