Sadness breeds gloom?

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Ali Moaddel: Migration to the Eternal from Yaseen Ed. Foundation on Vimeo.


Some cultures are more repressive of public displays of emotion than others. Broadly, people who live in cool climates are repressors; people who live in sunny climates let fly with what they’re feeling.

It is unlikely that climate is the determining factor.

Here are two examples, one of each. The first is from a letter to the Oldie magazine’s agony aunt, Mavis Nicholson:

“… as to roadside shrines, I struggle to understand the custom of leaving floral tributes, with wrappings, where a tragic event has taken place. To me, it collects thoughts in a sad place, and traps the spirit, soul, whatever, in limbo there, instead of in happy places where lovely memories linger, or a place of peace where those that are left in sorrow can go to have quiet thoughts.”

And here’s a recent example from Port Said, Egypt:

“…in Port Said [grief] seemed … externalised, in some cases almost performative, yet no less sincere. At a march in protest at the killings the next morning, the mother of one of the victims was driven through the crowds of marchers in a taxi, holding up a photograph of her son. As she passed, she thrust from the car window the bloodstained jacket he died in, a bullet-hole ripped through the shoulder.” [Source]


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