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Kathryn Edwards
Kathryn Edwards
10 years ago

That image is funny.
And also not funny, given the stories we hear about the very old being stranded on trolleys in hospital corridors when their health has suddenly taken a turn for the worse.

Perhaps this cartoon should be cross-referenced with the Will Self article and the piece on Drs’ opting out of futile cancer treatments?

Gloria Mundi
Gloria Mundi
10 years ago

Isn’t it interesting, Kathy, the number of people with a top level of understanding about health threats and end-of-life medical care are starting to say “we’ll, I wouldn’t have it.” The geriatric specialist in the Guardian back a bit who wrote that she would never to go to hospital if she had dementia, the specialist who said he would have the PSA blood test for prostrate cancer because it is (in his view) so misleading it simply results in endless worry and treatments that may not be necessary…

Maybe we are gradually getting things back into proportion.