What is the well-dressed humanist wearing?

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  1. Charles

    Actually, this is what the well dressed atheist is wearing. Contrary to popular belief (including, so far as I can tell. the BHA) ‘Humanist’ does not necessarily imply ‘atheist’. ‘Secular Humanist’ implies athiest but there is absolutely no logical contradiction in calling yourself a Christian Humanist.
    This is one of those things that ‘bugs’ me :-)…like apostrophes

  2. Charles

    Apostrophe’s bug me two, Jeny!! but not as much as those fanatically religious atheists who won’t stop ranting about their Divine Lord Darwin and the reasons – yes, reasons – they’ve inferred from his work why you should not believe in god.

    Life’s too short for religion, god knows.

  3. Charles

    Ah, but Jenny, just last year I heard a spokesperson for the BHA (can’t remember his title but it was top level) castigating those of faith for ‘speaking to their imaginary friend’. So now I am confused. If that’s the ‘official’ line (which I thought was extremely funny BTW) how can the rest of us begin to understand your point? I am interested – do tell.

  4. Charles

    Meh, full stops….I can take them or leave them 🙂
    Quokkagirl…this is preciely my point. The BHA’s understanding of the term Humanist is a little…fluffy. Its actually quite funny.

    Personally, one of the many many many things I sometimes describe myself as is ‘spiritual Humanist’….on the whole I try not to describe myself unless I absolutely have to, it tends to cause confusion.

    At its root, Humanism is an ethical rather than a philosophical or metaphysical term.

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