The cup that cheers

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Head chef Darren Walker of St Leonards Hospice in York, has turned traditional favourite dishes into smoothies for his patients who struggle to eat.  (L-R) Cottage buy discount cialis online pie, traditional chicken Sunday dinner, fish chips and mushy peas, roasted veg and butter bean casserole. Picture: Minikin

Pic from Daily Telegraph


  1. Charles

    I would like to thank everyone for the great feedback, really enjoyed my day at This Morning, definitely the proudest moment in my career. Everyone at This Morning were brilliant & very welcoming Many thanks.

  2. Charles

    Darren – you should be proud! Your thoughtfulness and skill are …well, I want to say ‘gobsmacking’ 😉 Truly, it was a joy to see these pictures and to read about the idea of presenting patients with these yummy meals. I hope this will inspire other chefs around the country to see what imagination and care can do. You deserve the recognition and the praise.

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