A funeral in south-west China

Charles 3 Comments

A Funeral in Spring from Peter Ran on Vimeo.

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gloria mundi
9 years ago

Thanks so much. Completely wonderful video. I hope we’ve moved on from the days when some would say “what a waste of money on a bunch of superstitions.” It looks at once exotic to outsiders, and also completely ordinary – it’s “what we do around here,” and the whole village does it. Brilliant firecrackers, evil spirits going down like ninepins – and what a feast! Not exactly your sandwiches and a cup of tea at the hotel round the corner from the crem, is it? And apart from the food (the Chinese tend to get that priority exactly right) I… Read more »

Charles Cowling
9 years ago

I like the element of (apparent) disorder.

David Holmes
9 years ago

Brilliant – and to my eyes, not too dissimilar from a typical British burial.