Caring presence

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21 Role of Funeral Director from Springfield Funeral Home on Vimeo.

Anything to add? 


  1. Charles

    Only this…that these are the kind of fds that people need to know about. This is what everyone should be entitled to expect when they walk into any branch of any funeral home in the UK.
    Lets hope we get there one day!

  2. Charles

    Pretty much sums it up in the first 30 seconds – a beautiful summary of exactly how a funeral director should be. If only everyone privileged enough to be helping families who have been bereaved were as insightful as these guys.

  3. Charles

    A breath of fresh air in a dark dank week where ‘Exposure’ took us away from the commitment and beauty of having a ‘A Dead Good Job’

    …What an inspiration! The bit I most admired? “We take ownership”

  4. Charles

    It’s not often you see a corporate video and come away feeling it was credible and that the staffers meant what they said.
    Good old Dad, who got what it meant to do this work, and passed it on whole to these fine chaps.
    PS Compare and contrast with the phoney care streaming out from the next fillum posted up on this fine blog!

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