Soundtrack to your funeral, anyone?

Charles Cowling


A charming email arrives from Phil Smith. Phil is the founder of

“Soundtracktoyour-dot-com??” we hollered at the hunched and desperate-eyed GFG galley-slaves. Answer came there none. Never heard of it. 

Phil says:

We at are pleased to be announce that in October this month our site moves to Open Beta! The reason I mention it, apart from paternal pride, is that we are the website where people can tell us all what songs they want to be remembered by at their funerals and check out what others want or have had. You might be as surprised as we were, for instance, when you see that the funeral songs Boris Johnson wants for his funeral were replicated at Heath Leger’s funeral.

Go see for yourself here.

What do you think? 


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gloria mundi
9 years ago

I think…maybe people should make helpful suggestions concerning the music they would like at their own funerals, but they should probably leave it to their families/friends to decide finally what is played. Because (brace yourselves) you won’t be there, my friends, and your families will (one hopes…) So think of them, please. “Great Balls of Fire” may crack you up before your exit, but it may be horrible for your family to put up with when The Day arrives.