Wednesday brainteaser

Charles Cowling


What’s the business model? Find the website here.

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9 years ago

Hi Colin – very good of you to drop in and solve the little mystery. Thank you. If you’d like to come back some time and tell us how you’re getting on, that would be great. Email me.

Colin Hough
9 years ago

Hi there, I am the owner of 24sevenmedia ( and we have produced many Funeral Director websites, logo’s and designs, along with video broadcast services and have many recommendations and testimonials to this effect. We are attempting to raise our profile in this industry and offer our services to a broader market and one way we see that happening is to offer all potential funeral directors who have a new website or video with us the opportunity to feature on the FBAS website. As well as have a great new looking website of course! The Funeral Burial Advice Service is… Read more »

Nick Gandon
9 years ago

Owner appears to be a firm named 24/7 media, based in the Blackpool area.

They are a graphics firm, and also design websites.

I can’t see where their (dummy) site is going – it could even be a demo site for prospective clients to view their wares…… though I guess the words “Advert spot” give the game away….

Kathryn Edwards
Kathryn Edwards
9 years ago

‘Knowing what to do immediately after a death occurs can be confusing’ is confusing.

Never mind a business model: who owns the thing? ‘Address: United Kingdom’ is not what I’d call contact details, even in a dummy.

9 years ago

Hmmmm lots of Dummy images and that’s the first time I’ve seen Reading and Oxford in the same geographical region (South EAST?) as Dover and Southampton… otherwise hippytastic vimeo…