A new cause to fight for

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Memorial to the dead of the Soviet army in Sofia, Bulgaria, commandeered by supporters of Pussy Riot. 


  1. Charles

    Richard, this is the most brilliant link. Thank you. Fascinating. I love the (repeated) words ‘The eternal flame in the middle of the hall went out and was never relit’. Thus ended the most incompetent empire in human history.

    FORGET YOUR PAST. A good look for some Brit monuments?

  2. Charles

    I don’t particularly like seeing the statue of Oliver Cromwell outside Parliament but we don’t have to admire those immortalised in metals or stone.

  3. Charles

    Quite so, Richard. We aren’t obliged to admire the statued amongst us, and most historical figures are complex. You wouldn’t put a statue of Oliver C in Drogheda, but it’s surely right to have his statue outside parliament, because he led parliament for the only period in our history when it was supreme, without a monarch.

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