The Duke and The King – The morning I get to hell

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Celebrant Kim Farley wants this, too, at hers.


The morning that I get to hell
The devil will take me up in his ferris wheel
Show me all the scenes below
tapping a tick tack tack on his black high heel
With all his pretty ones

Dancing in the fire
They’re singing
Lie oh lie oh lie oh lie oh lie

The morning that I get to hell
They’ll play me my life on a tv so I see it all
Everything I’d never tell, till I’m
begging the anchorman for my one phone call
And I’d call my pretty one
The one I told the lie
Lie oh lie oh lie oh lie oh lie

Oh and what will it sound like?
Mmm and what will I wear?
Oh, tell me what will it sound like
The morning I get there?

Feeling like an one man band
Where’s all my fire, my famous missionary zeal?
Been beating on my pots and pans
Tapping a sad tick tack on my black high heel
And when all my pretty years
Have passed me by, I’ll be singing
Lie oh lie oh lie oh lie oh lie

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Paul Hensby
10 years ago

A quite brilliant ‘last song’.
Kim, you should visit My Last Song and see the fave five listings that people have sent in – the five songs they want to be remembered by. You only have four more to choose.