Kicking the Bucket, a festival of living and dying – Oxford 15 Oct — 2 Nov

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My name is Liz Rothschild, director of the Festival, performer and Manager of Westmill Woodland Burial Ground just outside Oxford. I wanted to make this festival happen because I see so much distress caused by people not feeling able to get the information they need or find ways to talk about death, dying and loss. I hope the wide and varied events will speak to your particular interests and needs. Fun, thought provoking, informative and moving – they take place in a wide range of venues around Oxford many of which are within walking distance of one another or can easily be reached by public transport. A Festival of living and dying because they are inseparable if you are mortal like me. I am very grateful to our funders for making it possible to run this Festival and offer some free events, resources and support.

We are also aiming to reach communities who are often excluded from conversations and rituals connected with death such as the homeless or those with mental health issues and we are running several events in both primary and secondary schools (with thanks to our schools advisors, the local charity SeeSaw who support bereaved children and families in Oxfordshire.)


ED’S NOTE: Find the Kicking the Bucket website here. There’s a huge programme of events of which the screenshot below gives you some idea.

Check it out and book a ticket. This is an amazing organisational feat. Just look at the people who will be there.


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Susan Morris, Natural Death Centre charity

This is such an exciting event coordinated by Liz Rothschild and team. At the Natural Death Centre charity we look forward to seeing some of you there. NDC is presenting workshops, giving talks and exhibiting, and yes you can buy the Natural Death Handbook (fifth edition).