How Great Thou Art

Charles 6 Comments

Celebrant Alan Stanley in Leeds wants this played at his. 


  1. Charles

    This was the best I could find. I’d hoped for better from the normally infallible YouTube. Terrific hymn, though, isn’t it?

    Agree about Threnody. I hope they’ll add it to their repertoire. Those Dissenters certainly know how to hymnodise.

  2. Charles

    Fabulous hymn – beautiful poetry and consistently wins Songs of Praise ‘favourite national hymn’.

    Like so many great pieces, only good sung properly – as Threnody would undoubtedly do.

  3. Charles

    Some have noted that “How Great Thou Art” does have a certain “schmaltz” factor about it, and its inclusion at funerals, although seemingly nearly obligatory, is not universally lauded. If known (or knowable), of course, the wishes of the decedent themselves should be respected as much as possible. If you would like this or any other particular song to be played at your own funeral, you should make sure that you’ve legally documented your final instructions.

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