Gangsta funerals US

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In Portland Oregon a coalition of pastors has laid down the law on gangsta funerals. Extracts here from two newspapers:

The new protocol states that the deceased person’s outfit must not have any gang colors displayed. The rules also state that music during the funerals must be appropriate for church and can not include foul language or derogatory statements.  The number of speakers will be limited and the family of the deceased must meet with church leaders.

Out of respect, pastors said there was the hope that people attending these funerals will not personally wear hats or gang attire themselves, either.

If family desire to take photos of the deceased in their gang colors, it must be done for the viewing of the body – which will not be held in a “House of Faith,” according to the protocol. 

Funeral home staff also are instructed not to wear any colors that might represent local gangs, such as royal blue, orange, green or red, for the services. 


A striking number of people are shot at gang funerals in the US.


Whole articles here  and here


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