Believe in the system, trust the system…

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Message to employees in response to Undercover Undertaker from David Collingwood, Operations Director at Co-operative Funeralcare, wherein we gain an insight, perhaps, into what went wrong. 



  1. Charles

    yes indeed Charles this is Mr David Collingwood from the mighty f’care who I mentioned a couple of days ago as having gone live together with his colleague, Mr Sam Kershaw in a ‘broadcast’ to their employees

    curiously both Messrs Collingwood and Kershaw appear to share the same title – how many more in Manchester retain this esteemed title? – and as I’ve said on here previously, yet more unnecessary layers of management

    unless my hearing is failing me, neither one of Messrs Timmings, Collingwood or Kershaw seem to have come out with any apology for this, it’s just a ‘keep your head up troops broadcast’ and offers nil for the punter, course couldn’t do that could we, no……………..




    1. Charles

      Hi andrew
      Just been reading some comments regarding f*care
      True they are would not ask them to bury my worst enemy
      Due to a bad recent experiance with f*care ongoing
      The buck has been passed around slowly going up the ladder.
      Should be getting home visit very soon from above mentioned
      If you could give guidance would love to hear from you.

      1. Charles

        Hello Anthony

        I would be very happy to help you

        For reasons of it being appropriate to keep my email address silent (which is the usual case on here), please contact Charles Cowling the moderator of the Guide and Charles will let you have my email address



  2. Charles


    So is that part of the same system their area manager’s implement when someone asks for a basic funeral or when they design the price list with the basic funeral hidden away on the back?

  3. Charles

    That’s what really makes me sad/mad. Not one of these ( and there are many on youtube – all hastily put up in the last week) actually apologises for the supposedly rogue employees patently NOT believing/following/trusting the system, and that dreadful chaotic understaffed ‘hub’.

  4. Charles

    yes indeed Dawn

    and as I said above, there’s no hint of an apology at all OR more to the point blame in any direction



  5. Charles

    I not the ‘comments’ facility on these Youtube vids has been removed.

    I assume they don’t want the little people saying hurtful things about their business do they 🙂

  6. Charles

    “the process and procedure is there for a reason
    “trust in the system
    “our teams are excellent… following our process and procedure
    “I just want to emphasize the importance of our way of working… it’s really important that we follow that
    “our way of working, and… are there for a reason
    “believe in the system, trust the system, and follow the system.”

    Was it Margaret Thatcher who said that if you repeat your claim six times, people will unthinkingly believe it? Nowhere in this clip does David Collingwood give any reason why the system must be so slavishly followed or evidence for its alleged efficaciousness, but treats his employees the way the outfit he represents treats its clients – with condescension.

    Some commentors on this blog would trust this man with their mother’s funeral…

    …would you?

  7. Charles

    yes, this is an absolutely meanless broadcast/party political etc etc

    ……….but what does it mean or what purpose does it have other than out and out propaganda?

    and as already said, it’s condescension at it’s very finest

    and thanks David for your smugness


  8. Charles

    Hi Evelyn

    these guys at the top of f’care have ‘no interest at all in apologies’, they’re way above that, arrogance took hold of them too long ago


  9. Charles

    Jonathan, I wouldn’t engage this person to bury our hamster, and to judge from recent events in Dorset (see GFG “Wrongun” yesterday) his organisation might bury someone else’s hamster in next door’s garden instead.

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