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It makes us very, very happy, today, to salute the launch of a business created by an extraordinarily nice person. Her name is Poppy Mardall and her business is called Poppy’s. What a brilliant name. 

Here at the GFG we have been following Poppy’s progress through her development phase, and we have got to know her very well. She’s very bright. She’s served her apprenticeship with the best. She’s good to go – she’s raring to go. 




And she’s going with a direct cremation service – though not in the rather dismal, bargain basement way of so many others. Poppy is offering direct cremation as a creative, liberating alternative to a customary funeral. As she says on her website — here –: 

“Lots of us struggle to find meaning in the traditional funeral – the hearse, limousines, embalming and undertakers in black. If this is not in keeping with how you lived your life, why choose this for your funeral? 

“Over 70% of us choose to be cremated. But many feel the crematorium is not the best place to hold the funeral. So why not hold it somewhere else?” 

Indeed. Poppy’s offer is brilliantly encapsulated by her strapline: The freedom to hold a funeral wherever, whenever and however you want.” 

There is plenty of good information and lots of great ideas on her website, which is a model of concision and also education. People are going to read it and say, ‘Wow, we never knew we could do that’. It will open minds to a very appealing and meaningful way of marking a death and commemorating a life. The undiluted power of a ceremony centred on ashes derives from the fact that they embody the person who has died. The opportunity they offer people to do things their own way derives from their three magical properties: they are portable, durable and divisible. 

We think that Poppy is going to do tremendouslywell. We offer her our very best wishes for success. This is good work she is embarked on, and a very valuable service she is offering. 

Go Poppy! 


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11 years ago

Poppy contacted me and we met up last Christmas to discuss her embryonic ideas. I cannot believe how much ground she has covered in this time and how, six month later she is launching her new business.

She is completely marvellous and I wish her much luck, somehow though, I don’t think she will need it.

“the times, they are a changing”

Go Go Poppy
x Rosie at the NDC

gloria mundi
11 years ago

Separate the cremation from the funeral?


Calm seas and prosperous voyage to Poppy’s. Wish she was closer.

Jon Underwood
11 years ago

I can only hope its someone like Poppy who deals with my bloated corpse. I have also had the good fortune to have met her and am also of the view that she is completely wonderful! Best of luck Poppy I would bet my house that your business is a massive hit.

Charles Cowling
11 years ago

You will not make a bloated corpse, Jon. When I last saw you, you were impressively svelte. Been eating too much deathcake?

Charles Cowling
11 years ago

I’ve just heard that Poppy has got her first job.

Nick Gandon
11 years ago

It really is good news that direct cremation is being “moved forward”, and in such a professional way.

Very readable and refreshing website, with exactly the right approach and copy.

Most impressive.

I wish you every success, Poppy.


Poppy Mardall
Poppy Mardall
11 years ago

My goodness! This is an almighty wave of kindness and support. I am so grateful to you all. I will do everything in my power to live up to these expectations. Charles – you truly are a good man.

Phoebe Hoare
Phoebe Hoare
11 years ago

Well done to Poppy! Can you have direct open air cremation?

David Holmes
11 years ago

Very good website. I really believe this is the future for funerals. The traditional chain funeral home is a ghastly business model. I wish you the best of luck. Marketing your business will be challenging but persevere. You deserve to succeed. I’m sure you will!

11 years ago

Congratulations Poppy, on an excellent website and business venture. London needs a shake up and is a brilliant and bold place to start. This feels like the beginning of something very good indeed…Much power to your elbows!

Ru Callender
11 years ago

Phoebe, you’ll have too come a bit more to the west to hear the crackle of the flames. Well done Poppy. Good luck today.

andrew plume
andrew plume
11 years ago

yes indeed – all best Poppy, looks like a much needed major breath of air


Colin Fisher
11 years ago

Poppy spent a couple of days at my funeral home to get an insight and gain knowledge.
She is a genuinely nice person, she is lovely, there was nothing false about her.
I really hope she does well and keeps with it, as I found it tough going in my first year but if you treat people nicely and with respect as Poppy does, people will use you.I wish Poppy the best of luck and here to help if she needs it. Go Poppy xx

Rich Martin
11 years ago

Not sure it is needed, but I am going to add my name to the list of ‘Hip-hip-hoorayers’ – all the best