Greenfield’s coffin of the week

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To see the commemorative coffin, click here, then click the coffin bottom right. 


  1. Charles

    WTF has football got to do with coffins? Does it have to pervade every fibre of our lives?

    I have no problem with a football themed coffin at all. It’s great. What I do have a problem with is the manner in which this coffin is being advertised. Cheaply – nay, lazily jumping on the footie bandwagon. The current footie events have nothing at all to to do with death and trying to clumsily shoe-horn the one subject into another is, in my view, cheap and lacking in imaginative pr. It’s not worthy of you and is a little bit vulgar.

    Please don’t force your extra-curricular passions on me Greenfields. Selling coffins (I love your coffins)is about just that. By all means, advertise a football themed coffin as suitable for football fans at this time but don’t jump so cheaply on the populist bandwagon. Or if you must, couldn’t you re-word things a bit to get the connection more relevant rather than ‘Football’s on – here’s a football coffin and Up England’ ….oh I don’t know. It just leaves me cold. And it would be the same whatever the subject connection – Jubilee, Wimbledon, Show Jumping, Tiddlywinks…suppose it’ll be the Olympics next.

    I know….I’m a grump but please….

  2. Charles

    WTF lots of people like football! We try to make the coffin of the week topical and appeal too many and a bit of fun! apologies if we have offended you.

    Corrective action
    Help me out, so I can put this to my sales and studio mangers, and put them back on track!

    Can I have your idea for next week’s coffin of the week? All ideas are submitted to Jonny the studio manager Tuesday morning so please could you send me your idea for next week coffin of the week and it will be produced.

    Something topical, please
    Ps. you’re not a grump! We love the feedback, thank you

  3. Charles

    Hi Will,

    Thanks for your response. I am in a better mood now.

    The only one I can think of which is topical is the lovely bespoke holiday one with the jetty and boat. It’s holiday season after all and the weather has been so crap it might cheer folk up.

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