Animated Reflections

Charles Cowling


Effect created by Ginger Monkey. Imagine if this were available for coffins at funerals. Except that you can’t see coffins at funerals — only a bit of them. 

4 mins 12 secs


One thought on “Animated Reflections

  1. Charles Cowling

    I don’t understand what Ginger Monkey did to achieve this particular effect or whether it could be done in three dimensions; but as a general rule, if something can be done at all then of course it’s ‘available for a funeral’.

    But my first reaction was to wonder if it was allowed, and it’s interesting to note that, even for someone like me who knows better, there still lingers an ‘are we allowed?’ pixie doing its mischief down in my brain.

    I wonder what else I’m preventing myself from doing for no good reason? Watch this space!

    Charles Cowling

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